– by Ana Agrela

Over the past ten years, there has been a lot of research coming out that suggests that people who are actively playing sports suffer from higher incidents of infections, predominantly upper respiratory tract infections, compared with non-athletes. The studies show that heavy or prolonged exercise results in temporary depression of various immune functions in the body, which increase the chances of upper respiratory tract infections, which in turn affect athletic performance negatively. 

How do colds start?
Most colds start with viral infections, which later turn into bacterial infections in the sinuses, ears, or lungs. Therefore, preventing cold infections and decreasing the length of a common cold may also decrease the risk of developing more severe illnesses.


How to avoid colds?
Making sure that you follow a heathy diet full of antioxidants and beta carotenes and resting during sports events and heavy training can help to support your immune system. Antioxidants and rest both allow the body to clean up any damaged cells that may be caused during training or endurance events, and also help to detox the body of waste products. Our Almighty Father took time to rest after He created the heavens and the earth. We can learn from Him and make time to rest so our bodies can repair and heal. 

Help your immune system
Immuno Armour has been proven to help increase the immune function by strengthening the immune system. The wonderful thing is that it starts working within 2 hours. Give your body that extra help especially if you’re engaging in a sporting activity on a daily basis by supplementing with Immuno Armour.

JOY! Magazine (October 2018)

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