–  by Dr. Siva Moodley

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Presumption is not faith, but an assumption that God has agreed to something. I was once asked to pray for a person who was dead for several days. I asked them why the person was not buried. The response was that God wanted that person to be raised from the dead. “Did God specifically tell you that?” I asked. The feedback I got was that the person was young and had young children, therefore God would certainly want someone like that raised from the dead. The grieving family did not want to let go of their loved one, and had convinced themselves that this was what God wanted to do in this situation. They operated on presumption.

Don’t assume God’s Will
A young man once told me that he was relocating to another city after getting a promotion at work. My first and usually only question is, “Did you ask God if it is His Will for you before making such a major decision?” He responded, “This is definitely God’s Will because I prayed and everything is falling into place. The accommodation, relocations costs, and special needs have all fallen into place so wonderfully.” “Did you get a reply when you prayed?” I asked. He answered, “No – but this is definitely His Will, because look how everything has worked out.” Usually when everything runs so perfectly I wonder, ‘Is satan on vacation – or is he up to something?’ In this particular case, I knew it was not God’s Will for him to relocate, as God had spoken to me. Within two years, he lost everything and fell into sin. His relocation was based on presumption.

Is your decision based on faith?
A friend of mine told me that he was considering buying a particular house. Then as he drove to work, he saw a bumper sticker that read, “It’s time to move up in the world”. He immediately came to the conclusion that it was God’s Will for him to buy that house. Years later, he regretted making that decision, as it was not based on faith, but on presumption. 

Don’t operate on presumption
So many in the Body of Christ have become experts in knowing exactly what God wants and is going to do, without truly consulting Him. They operate on presumption and not on faith. God says that His thoughts and ways are not the way we think and act. In fact, God says His thoughts and ways are much higher than what we can assume (Isa 55:9).

How can I ensure I do not act on presumption but on faith?
When God wants to do something in your life, He will always reveal His plan to you. “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” – Amos 3:7. When God brought my wife to me supernaturally, He made sure I knew it, and everyone around us who was connected to Him knew it too. People were having dreams, visions, and prophecies that we were meant for each other. At first Jessie, my wife, wanted to be sure, so she set fleeces before the Lord. He answered them all. God only stopped speaking when we both acknowledged that this was God’s plan. I believe that when God wants to perform a miracle or give direction as to which house to buy or guide us on relocating, He will always tell us. The problem is that we are not always ready to wait for Him to speak. Often, we want to speak for Him – this is presumption.

Are you walking in God’s Will?
So, if I want to know that it’s God Will, then I have to invest in hearing from God before moving. If it takes a few days of fasting and prayer for me to clearly hear God, then I will pay the price. Don’t be afraid to ask God for a confirmation. I’d rather know something is of God, instead of taking chances by making assumptions. It will save me a lot of pain. When God speaks, I have confidence; I have faith. Now when I move, I know God is backing me up. 

God doesn’t take chances with His Word
Sometimes certain things are clearly God’s Will because it is written. Take healing for example – it is always God’s Will to heal. “By His wounds we are healed” – Isa 53:5. God never takes chances with His Word. What if a person we love is suffering and we are struggling with this emotionally? It is still His Will to heal. I pray for people, even when all human hope is gone. I pray for people, even when the doctors give up. It is always God’s Will to heal. When the Will of God is clear, faith is easy, however when options are available, then one must seek God to get direction before planning to exercise faith.

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