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61 million adults in the United States live with a disability, according to the CDC. With many Christians aware that quality of life is important for those who experience a disability, figuring out the best way to stay connected to God while maintaining independence can seem difficult. However, advances in technology make it possible to improve your life, and especially when it comes to your service and commitment to God.

The benefits of voice assistant technology
Having a voice assistant can be helpful for disabled people living alone to maintain a spiritual life. Video calling, remembering important church activities or even reading the bible are just some examples that a smart device offers. However, this might sound as a complicated device that would require some skill but with the right support can be potentially helpful for disabled people living alone. When it comes to home security, video doorbells are yet another fantastic way that someone experiencing a disability can gain more independence in their day to day lives, especially if mobility is limited. For example, a video doorbell can allow you to see who is at the door and even speak with the person, all without having to be physically present.

Keeping church in your life
The church can play a vital role in your life. Because many Christians believe that the church can support people who are going through difficulties, attendance is vital to many in finding both hope and motivation. Staying committed to God in an independent way while experiencing a disability, however, might sound difficult, especially if driving to church regularly isn’t an option. For such reasons, attending a virtual church service online is a great way to keep the church in your life, whether you choose to attend virtually once a month or more often. Not only is this a good way to hear the word of God right from home, but will allow you to stay involved with the church as much as you want in a more accessible way.

Staying involved in the community
For those experiencing a disability, staying involved with religious or community activities (such as church fundraisers or events) can be difficult to get to should driving or mobility be an issue. Because of this, utilizing accessible public transportation is a wonderful way to stay independent and continue to be involved, especially since there are numerous physical and mental health benefits in staying social, particularly as we age. Getting involved in your church’s community can not only prevent social isolation and all of the negative effects that are associated with it (such as depression), but will make a big difference by motivating others to join as well. However, if you don’t live in an area where public transportation is an option, organizing a carpool is a great way to stay actively involved in the community as well.

Advanced technology is helping life to be easier for those who live experiencing a disability. With the church playing a vital role in our life, staying connected to God through virtual church services and with voice assisted technology will help you through difficult times and find your way in a more independent manner.

Feature image: unsplash.com

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