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Around 93% of people surveyed in the US and Australia are concerned about the environment, with problems such as plastic pollution, the loss of biodiversity, and global warming being considered the most pressing. As stewards of God’s creation, Christians logically believe that human beings are responsible for upholding the environment and they have a duty to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you have children and are concerned about your carbon footprint, know that there is plenty that you can do to lead a greener life, finding your inspiration in your role as a guardian of the planet that God created with so much love.

What Does the Bible Say about Environmentalism?
The Bible contains passages that indicate God’s intention with respect to the Planet. In Genesis 1:26-28, for instance, He tells human beings to “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth…” In Genesis 2:15, meanwhile, God puts Adam into the garden of Eden “to dress and keep it.” If you wish to lead your family to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, start off by sharing these passages with them so they feel inspired.

Changes Parents Can Make
If you have children, there are specific changes you alone can make. These include considering switching to solar or wind energy, switching up old appliances for ENERGY STAR-certified appliances, and teaching children how to conserve water and energy. If you have the budget for it, you can consider installing a smart lighting system in your home, which will turn light bulbs on and off as people enter or leave a room. Parents can also save water by asking kids to take shorter showers and close the faucet when it is not in use. If they have babies, they can use cloth instead of throwaway diapers. Did you know that reusable nappies use 3.5 times less energy and 90% less renewable sources than disposables? Cloth nappies will also save you money since nappies need to be changed up to 12 times a day in the case of newborns.

Changes Kids Can Make
As mentioned, you as parents are the leaders your children can model their behavior upon. They can make a big difference as well, though, by getting active in school and extra-curricular environmental initiatives. These include beach, city, and park cleanups. Kids can also think of how to reduce, reuse, and recycle when taking part in hobbies ranging from artistic creation to creating upcycled clothing and accessories. When making changes at home and beyond, ask your kids for input. You may be surprised to learn that kids are incredibly savvy when it comes to green living. New research by HiPP Organic, for instance, shows that 57% of parents feel their children are more aware of how to live sustainably than they are. Kids know about how to reduce water, reduce plastic usage, and recycle, largely because they learn these tasks as part of subjects like general science.

If you are a Christian family, then you probably know that the Bible espouses responsible treatment of the Planet. Be the leader of your family by taking all the steps you can afford to in order to reduce your carbon footprint. Encourage your children to share their knowledge of sustainability with you and adopt some of their suggestions so they feel motivated to keep finding new ways to lead a more environmentally responsible lifestyle.

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