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There is so much to see and do in Israel, but these 10 sites are the absolute MUSTS for your pilgrimage.

The Sea of Galilee:
Not really a sea, but in fact a lake, fed by the Jordan River. This spectacular place is where Jesus performed amazing miracles such as calming the storm and walking on water (Matt 8:26, Mark 3:7-9, Luke 5:1-11, Matt 14:22-23). Enjoy a scenic boat ride around the lake, worshipping God and perhaps a sermon from your tour minister.

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See ancient ruins and an amphitheatre where the Romans martyred Christians.

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The place where Jesus was born. Controlled by the Palestinians, Bethlehem is a place of huge Biblical significance. Bethlehem is where Ruth and Boaz fell in love, where Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin, where David was born and where Samuel anointed him. A very exciting stop on your pilgrimage

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The town where Jesus grew up. Frowned upon in Biblical times because Nazareth was small and insignificant, it is now one of the largest cities in Israel, with 70 000 inhabitants! See where the angel Gabriel visited Mary and where Jesus spent his childhood years.

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The Dead Sea:
Undoubtedly one the main attractions of Israel, the Dead Sea is a vast ocean located alongside the Wilderness. As the lowest place on earth, the salt content of the water is 73% and it is filled with essential minerals. Here you can float in the warm water, spread the mud on your body and just relax in this significant Biblical site.

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Masada became famous after the first Jewish-Roman War when a siege of the fortress by troops of the Roman Empire led to a mass suicide of the site’s Jewish fugitives when defeat became imminent. Take a cable car ride up this mountain and see the ancient ruins and the palace of Herod. Utterly breathtaking.

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The Upper Room:
One of the most important places (in my opinion), the Upper Room is believed to be the site of the Last Supper and of Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit was given to man. (Matt 26:26-35, Acts 2:1-4) This is truly a place where one can feel the presence of God and worship in Spirit and Truth (John 4:22-24)

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The Western Wall:
An iconic site in the Jewish faith, the Western Wall or Wailing Wall is a place of extreme reverence and prayer for the Jews. This wall, as you see it in pictures, is on the spot of the original temple built by Solomon (a spot where the current Al Aqsa Mosque sits – a structure of serious contention between the Muslims and the Jews). The Mosque is built on Mount Moriah (where Jews/Christians believe Abraham attempted to sacrifice Isaac…the Muslims believe it was Ishmael not Isaac). No wonder this is a place of intense conflict! It is such an exciting and historic site to visit within the Old City.

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Via Dolorosa:
The Way of Sorrows…the road to Calvary. Pilgrims have walked this route for 1 000 years, tracing the steps of our Lord Jesus as He walked to His death. The fourteen stations of the Cross mark significant events that occurred that day as Jesus was whipped, beaten and mocked for our sins.

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The Garden Tomb:
The pinnacle of a tour to the Holy Land, the Garden Tomb is the place where many Christians believe Jesus was buried and on the third day, rose again! Hallelujah! Tour the Garden, see inside the tomb and finally, take Communion and celebrate the forgiveness of sins and healing salvation Christ bought for us 2 000 years ago. Amen

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Don’t miss this great opportunity! Visit Israel today while there is still a time of peace…             

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