– By Johan Jacobs

First of all, it is natural and normal to be energetic and full of energy. However, after a vigorous exercise session, a hard day’s work, excessive stress, or a 3-hour exam, it is normal to be fatigued. Your body has a wonderful ability to replenish and recover easily if it is nourished with the correct foods and allowed to rest. We all know that the body becomes fit, stronger, adapted, and used to certain conditions, exercises, or work.

The self-healing body kicks in when the body is sore and tender after it has been exposed to strenuous exercises, stress, or work. If there are adequate building blocks/nutrients in the body, the body normally recovers both faster and better.

Chronic fatigue is different; it is a “DIS-EASE” condition!
Especially if one has not been exposed to physical exercise or stress. Even more so when the body was adequately fed and it is still unhappy and not vigorous. Then one must dig deeper to search for the root cause of the stress factors. 

Certainly one of the most overlooked stress factors that negatively affect our bodies is the dimension of toxicology. This dimension is, most of the time, invisible – but it is ferocious and destructive, polluting and distressing the host continuously. Normally the reason why this dimension is overlooked is that when one is initially exposed to something that is unknowingly harmful, and after using or ingesting this product (and there are no serious side effects), the person gets used to the product and soon we consider it to be safe.

It was once said; “The lack of immediate effects concludes that there are no effects.”

However weeks/months/years later, when some of these toxins have accumulated in the body and one notices that something is wrong, we can then not draw the line between the dots, and the root cause is overlooked.

Our bodies are equipped with an immune system to protect us. I call it our own personal bodyguard or ‘Rambo’. He can cope with lots of abuse and/or harmful stress factors. But he can only cope with so much, then your ‘Rambo’ will start to become overloaded and ineffective. By then some of these toxins are already absorbed and have accumulated in the body, but since the root cause is still untouched, more and more toxins get released and absorbed daily, the literal snowball effect and your “DIS-EASE” symptoms progressively worsen due to this unnatural toxin accumulation. This is when you get diagnosed. Conventionally, you will receive drugs and medicine for a specific disease, but the root cause remains untouched. Normally when only the symptoms get treated, you will soon need more and stronger medication since the root cause is still untouched.

My advice:
Identify and remove all the typical root causes of “DIS-EASE”. My experience is that dental toxicology is the most dangerous source of toxins. I’ve met many people who, just like me, tried everything, but still they suffer and “perish because of lack of knowledge.” But once people start to live in wisdom (ingesting only real foods, clean water, and dental revision that is done by a properly trained biological dentist), I’ve experienced and seen numerous miracles of people that recover from; chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, dementia, MS, Cancer, Rheumatoid arthritis, etc. 

It is thus critical:
If you remove mercury amalgam fillings conventionally, which is the wrong way, you will sadly expose yourself exponentially to mega doses of mercury with serious side-effects, and your symptoms will sadly worsen. Biological dental revision is well explained in my book.

Remember that God designed self-healing in our genes, we must only remove all the root causes.

1. Dental toxicology:
EG: Mercury amalgam fillings, root canal treated teeth, dental jaw cavitations, implants, and braces are all serious stress and risk factors.

2. Food toxicology:
Genetically Modified (GM) foods, preservatives, MSG, aspartame, margarine, etc.

3. Water:
Chlorine, aluminium, etc.

4. Cosmetics:
Heavy metals in hair dyes, lip sticks, etc.

5. Personal hygiene:
Fluoride in conventional toothpaste, Parabens and harmful chemicals in certain soaps and shampoos.

6. EMF Radiation:
Cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation
The list of unnatural harmful modern modalities is nearly endless, but the bulk of it is exposed in our book.

Extra advice
There is much more diet and healthy living advice in my book, but I will also advise you to

  • Get moving for proper blood and lymphatic fluid circulating, rebounding is literally a three in one miracle exercise.
  • Movement and real food helps to naturally detox the body.
  • Consume daily a vegetable juice that boosts the immune system.

TRUTH“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32

There is hope and it is real.

12 Years ago I had chronic fatigue and experienced aggressive multiple sclerosis, but when I received truth and removed the root causes, I received my second chance and my body recovered. Today I invite you to buy a GO NATURAL Wisdom for Healthy Living book to receive the full council so that you too can also be empowered to live naturally and “DIS-EASE” free.

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