Written by: Barbara Claassen
Article source: JOY! Magazine

When the Lord gives you a symbolic dream, it is like a puzzle with many pieces. The Lord gives a key to every dream and the Holy Spirit reveals the key to unlock the message. Here is a true example of such a dream:

A woman dreamt that she needed to fly to Zimbabwe to attend a conference for her work. Her colleagues were very excited, but she wanted to rather stay at home to look after her family. On her way to the airport she got lost, but then she remembered that she had a GPS to find her way. At the airport she put everyone’s luggage in rows. She realised that she had not paid the airfare of R12 500. Relieved, she went back home. She realised that her colleagues did not care if she went with them to Zimbabwe or not. 

What did this dream mean?
• The key to the dream is the amount of R12 500. Twelve is the Biblical number of authority and perfection.
• There is already a calling on her life – the purpose why the Lord created her. It is her choice if she wants to pay the price to fulfil the calling. There is detail that the calling would take her out of the boundaries of South Africa.
• The warning in the dream is that the price to leave her family was too great for her. Her longing to be a housewife was not her calling. It was also to create the opportunity for others to attend conferences.

Understanding God’s ways
This is a clear dream with direction, calling, and warning. This dream is a warning to her to fulfil her calling and her reward will be in Heaven where Jesus will await her with the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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Barbara Claassen is the author of The Key To Unlock Your Dreams. She works at the The Well Dream Centre. Contact her at cumi@mweb.co.za

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