–  by Gerry Couchman, Global Leadership Network SA

How do you look at life? Do you truly understand that our life here on earth is as Simon Sinek would say, ‘A finite game’? There’s a beginning – your birth, and an end – your death.

There isn’t always time
How many of us go through life like it’s an ‘infinite game’? We recklessly waste time and opportunities. We don’t really value what we’ve been blessed with, our family, friends, homes, and jobs. Our thinking is that there’s always tomorrow. There’s always time to fix that fractured relationship. To connect with parents, cousins, or friends. It takes something serious to jolt us out of our cavalier attitude. Something like the sudden death of a loved one, or a bad medical report will definitely do that! 

A sobering medical diagnosis
Last month, I got a bad medical report. It could have been way worse, but it was very sobering, and a wakeup call regarding the frailty of life. It appears I have a condition called Idiopathic Pulmonary Disease, which is reportedly non-reversible and progressive. According to the scans, it’s already captured 20% of my lung capacity.

Cherish every moment
I tell you this not to go into deep medical detail, but rather to share the immediate impact it had on me. Almost instantly, my love for my wife, my children, and my grandchildren hugely intensified! We had a few days’ work up the Garden Route. I’ve always loved the area, but suddenly it’s beauty was overwhelming! The sky had never been bluer, the sunrises and sunsets never so spectacular! The smell of the sea! God’s creation on fantastic display! 

Take a moment to reflect
Many of you would have heard similar stories before, but my question is why oh why don’t we truly experience life with this intensity every day? Is this not the ‘abundant life’ that Jesus came to give us? Can I ask each of you to take a quiet reflection moment. Who and what are you taking for granted? What normal life have you settled for? Our God doesn’t do normal! Let’s appreciate the magnificence of all that He’s blessed us with! You never know what tomorrow may bring!

GERRY & JANINE Couchman are the Regional Director & Co Leaders of the Global Leadership Network SA, an NPO that hosts the Global Leadership Summit each year.

Article source: JOY! Magazine (June 2019)

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