Written by: Tendai Chitsike
Article source: JOY! Magazine

Like it or not, this current school-going generation is living in a very different world to what previous generations experienced. Having my daughter at home over lockdown has allowed me to not only spend more time with her, but also look at what she is learning in her textbooks. What are some differences that even her textbooks teach?

Culture wars are rewriting history
Society has migrated from a Christian culture to a multi-faith culture. Technology has an enormous influence. Gender, sexuality, and the nuclear family are no longer unquestioned. The culture wars are rewriting history and the very meaning of words, and the part of chief villain is now played by different actors. How should we respond?

How not to respond:
Let’s begin with how not to respond. First, simply showing Bible text and scriptures here and there will not persuade. Second, the idea that we ‘leave it to the professionals’ and simply make sure the next generation attends church services and youth groups will also be grossly insufficient. We have to enter their world and biblically answer the questions they, and not we, are asking.

Books and resources to consider
Thankfully, some great resources are available for parents and disciple makers. Timothy Keller’s short, free and incisive e-book How to Win the West Again is a masterful example. Impossible to put down, my plans one morning were thrown out the window as I couldn’t stop reading this from beginning to end. As mothers have seen the challenges of faith coming towards their children, they have made some significant contributions as well. Natasha Crain’s books, beginning with Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side, and Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies by Hillary Morgan Ferrer have begun to address some of these challenges.

God is still the same
More than these, we still have the power of prayer, the Gospel and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Their world is different, but the truth of God’s Word is just as life-changing as in any generation before.

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Tendai Chitsike is the pastor of Every Nation Church in Makhanda. Email: engrahamstown@gmail.com

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