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For the average South African, more and more time is being spent at home each day. This is already feeding into good habits – Time Live has found that many families are using their new-found time to create family time centred around preparing food, with 90% of respondents to one survey spending time developing their cooking skills. By contrast, many people and their families may not have noticed the creep of their home from a place of sanctuary into a place of work. As summer takes over from spring and brings homes out of winter into long days of sunshine, it’s a great time to look at how you can tie your home to God’s message and make it a place of personal comfort once again.

Restoring an area for faith
The key to a true sanctuary home is having a focal point of peace and serenity: a place of dedicated harmony where you can speak to God, pray, and reflect. The ideal space for this is, of course, the basement – a quiet, out-of-the-way section that is also not likely to be taken up by key household functions (although perhaps faith should be seen as ‘key’). South Africa has relaxed building regulations, and as Business Tech explores, some of the best new-build homes make great use of a basement. Either renovating your own or digging a new one out can be a worthwhile venture. Before embarking on a transformation journey, it’s crucial that water and damp is driven out of the environment and waterproofed away. This creates a proper substrate for remodelling, and ensures the final project will be calm and collected – rather than fraught with issues. The act of restoring an area can be, in its own way, cathartic.

Thinking about placement
How do you pray to God? There are many ways to show your love, all valid. That can be kneeling down at the altar; it could equally be dancing, or singing, or playing an instrument. The way you demonstrate your faith must be the first thing to consider. If you simply need a quiet space with a comfortable place to sit and/or kneel, then design it in that fashion. If you want the capacity for song and dance, then you will want to ensure that you have proper wiring installed and the capacity to hold instruments and, perhaps, guests.

Maintaining your area
It could be that many home workers are soon sent back to their places of work. This raises the prospect of neglect. Remember what the Bible has to say on worship and places of faith – take, for example, Acts 5:42 – “And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.” Your home is a valid place of worship, just as the church is, and when you dedicate space to Him you make a commitment to maintain it. Don’t neglect your place of worship when you find you’re spending less time at home.

For the children of God and those who love Him, and for Christianity as a whole, this won’t be an issue. A place at home to praise God every day is a privilege, and one to be treasured.

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