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Pastor Craig Groeschel says it’s crucial for him to distance from people who speak negatively all the time. Otherwise, he can easily adopt that same pessimism, making it hard to live a positive life, he says.

“Let’s be wise, let’s social distance, let’s wash our hands, let’s wear a mask if you’re in public and someone might be vulnerable,” Groeschel says. “Let’s do everything within us to stay positive—to have an attitude of faith, to look for the good in the middle of the bad and believe that God is still on the throne. That He is still working, that He can be in this, and with us, and He’s still for us. Because a negative outlook never leads to a positive life…

“If I’ve got negative voices all around me, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to distance myself from those who are only, ‘The world’s falling apart.’ I’m going to distance myself, and I’m starving my fears. Then what I’m going to do is, I’m going to try and feed the things that build my faith. One of the most valuable things that I do is, I take a rich portion of Scripture, and I try to get into Scripture so that Scripture gets into me.”

Feature image: Pastor Craig Groeschel

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