Our Motto
“We believe in the capacity of women to lead, pioneer, impact and transform. This ability we foster, strengthen and develop, calling women to rise above their social ills, economic status or personal limitations.”

The Christian Women’s Empowerment Network, though founded in 2014, was birthed out of the womb of a sixteen year old girl, Shanon Webb in 2001 and confirmed by the mouth of a Prophet in 2011 from the United States of America, Yvonne Remedios. She said, You will Pioneer a great movement among women and youth. I see a great awakening and Rising of women. The vision she saw at the time had her awestruck as she kept reciting the greatness of such a movement among women. She kept giving God glory for what was yet to be released. It’s seven years since the confirming word of the Lord was released and we are standing at the third conference for the CWEN. This vision was launched through united prayer gatherings in 2013 and has now flourished into a Network for the Empowerment of Women.


“We are alive in a time where the voices of Women across the globe are being awakened. The divine CALL for women to take their positions not only in the confines of a family but within the jurisdictions of rulership is sounding over all.” – Shanon Webb Founder

Women are being heard, positions and opportunities for women are being opened and now more than ever before females have the platform to exercise their right as equally created beings. We, were created equal before God. Though our responsibility, jurisdiction and functions differ in the structure of the home; home is only one sphere created for us. We have the Market Place, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Government of the earth realm, the Systems of man…. in which we must discover our position and in place of rulership.

The CWEN voices for the rising of women into their God given positions in religion, in business, in the community, in sports, science, medicine. In all aspects of Government in the earth. We believe women are capasitated to spearhead great movements, build empires, run various systems and govern nation’s. Though slavery was conquered in many nation’s, women still continued too live as slaves in their religion, homes, workplaces, careers. We are not for slavery of any form, we stand for freedom. Freedom governed by wisdom and expressed in respect for all of creation.


With the strengthening of women at the forefront of what we do, We are launching the very first Woman of the Year Awards, recognizing the efforts, growth and impact women are making in changing lives. The Awards Ceremony awards women from all walks of life with the greatest honour within various categories. The nominations for the Christian Women Of The Year Awards will open on the day of the next Colourful Women’s Conference which is set to take place on the 29th September 2018 and closes on the 30 November 2018. In the words of Michelle Obama, true success is not measured by the amount of money you have but the amount of lives you change. The Christian Woman of the Year Awards recognize the women who are changing lives leaving a legacy of change in the earth.

We are also proud to announce the current Miss Grace South Africa beauty pageant, which is a pageant for the empowerment of young women. The entry date for the Miss Grace 2018 Competition started on the 1st July 2018 and closes on the 19th September 2018 for unmarried females between the ages of 18 and 35. The need for us to highlight the power of positive lifestyles, the grace within being poised and presentable, and the favour one finds through developing noteworthy character is a deep need in society today. In a world where our young women are viewed as objects of sexual pleasure, the female body has become a monument of sexual arrousal, the fundamentals of charity, modesty, graceful beauty are being replaced by silicone, inflated lips and the pressure of living perfect lives drives our girls to suicide. As an organisation we want to present our young women with positive role models, young women making a difference in our world, with beauty found in their hearts, their courage and their character. The Miss Grace Beauty Pageant is the first of its kind. We will be partnering with 15 organisations for change and these 15 will be organisations the contestants will have the opportunity to volunteer. These organisations will be chosen each year as the organisation Miss Grace SA will be working with during her competition. We will also have an annual fundraiser for, the cause of these Partner Organizations.


The CWEN is bridging the gap between the women in positions of leadership and the ladies being prepared to lead. If we change the lives of women, we change society as a whole. Let’s work together as God grants us his divine blessing and favour.

The Christian Women’s Empowerment Network was pleased to host the third of their quarterly Colourful Women’s Conferences in Athlone, Cape Town; an event for the purpose of empowering Women in order to change statistics in Violence against Women. Among those who attended the conference were representatives of Organisations for change, such as CANSA, Rape Crisis CentreEpilepsy SAJoy Magazine and Cape Town Women’s Business Network.


The Colourful Women’s Conference was a great success to say the least; women were empowered, strengthened and challenged to make a difference in the lives of others. With thanks to amazing sponsors and gift donations from InaPaarman,CompassBakery,Waltex, Louisa’s Bakery and RecklessPhotography. The next Colourful Women’s Conference will be hosted in September 2018, featuring Women in Business as guest speakers and will be a workshop styled event in which women share business insights, advice and tips.


Colourful Women’s Camp
The Colourful Women’s Empowerment Camp is a weekend of Restoration, Healing, Empowerment and Transformation by CWEN Partners. If you need a spiritual, emotional and mental recharge and revival, the Women’s Empowerment Camp is where you need to be. Only 60 seats available so register today.


Hazendal School Hall
Athlone, Cape Town

Liberty Bridget Swarts

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