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One of the hottest trends in the current wedding industry is that of microweddings—small, intimate events that gather a small group of family and friends and that celebrate togetherness. The reasons for the current popularity of smaller weddings include budgetary reasons and a wish to make up for lost time with loved ones, with a focus on quality time, meaning making, and memory building. If the idea of a small wedding appeals and your big day is coming up, what features can you include to make it memorable while also celebrating your common faith in God?

Thanking God at Your Reception
Wedding receptions are a perfect time for couples, family members, and/or good friends to make a speech celebrating the couple’s love. However, this special party is also a great time to say a prayer and to talk about the importance that faith has had in bringing the couple together. As written in 1 Corinthians 10:31, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Faith can move mountains and allow couples to move forward despite challenges (think the distance faced by some couples during pandemic times). Whether you wish to share the word of God or you prefer to have another person do so, choose an inspiring Bible verse, share your personal story, and share the ways in which your faith will help you move forward as a couple.

Making Guests Feel at Home
The Bible has many passages that emphasize the importance that family has in our lives. However, many passages also allude to close friendships; the kind that provide support in difficult times and encourage us to stick to our faith. If you are celebrating your microwedding in your home garden, think of ways in which to make each guest feel like a valued part of your life. You can invite them to bring their pets, cultivate a beautiful table embellished with flowers and beautiful table runners, and ensure that practical matters such as parking are taken care of. Write each of them a personal ‘thank you’ note, leaving the latter close to their plate at the dining table. Consider gifting them DIY gifts such as candles, seeds for a beautiful plant or tree, or a small succulent growing in a pot.

Commemorating Unity
A wedding is the joining not only of a couple, but also of their families. Many couples are choosing to hold unity ceremonies, which celebrate the joining of two couples as one. You can choose any symbolic act that represents union—including the lighting of a unity candle. To perform this ceremony, a representative from each family lights one candle, then both take their candles and simultaneously light a new flame.

There are many ways to make faith a key part of your small wedding. The intimacy of this type of event allows you to pray, read scripture, and take part in meaningful unity ceremonies. Remember to also say a silent prayer to God to thank Him for helping you find your life partner; one who shares, supports, and strengthens your faith.

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