Written by: Johan Jacobs
Article source: JOY! Magazine

Why is cancer such a big health problem in our society today? Statistics show that one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer. Throughout my book, Go Natural, I repeatedly point out the exponential exposure to carcinogenic (cancer-causing) modern chemicals. The body is designed to clean, protect, maintain, and heal itself. However, the accumulated effect of the overexposure to toxins, a nutrient-deprived diet, prolonged stress, and other modern evils will cause the body’s overburdened immune system to malfunction and not to detect and neutralise cancer cells. Cancer cells proliferate and start forming a tumour.

It is been said that everybody has cancer, but that a healthy immune system kills cancer cells every day. Statistics vary, but it could be between 2000 and 12000 cells per day. Thus, if you have been diagnosed with cancer, it means that you have an unhealthy, overburdened immune system that is not coping.

Conventional mainstream treatment
Once the cancer diagnosis is made, mainstream treatment includes surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. After these procedures, the cancer is hopefully eradicated and the patient is ‘healed’. However, cancer is a symptom and not an illness, therefore removing the cancer is not the cure. Once the patient has received chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery, the body’s systems will be even more strained.

I am not proposing that the above treatments should be avoided – many lives have been saved by these treatments. It is important however to only make use of them when they have a reasonable chance of success and the benefits outweigh the toxic side effects. Also, pay great attention to the underlying root causes.

Someone remarked that eliminating symptoms with the use of medicine is as ridiculous as a mechanic trying to fix the flashing oil level light in your car by removing the bulb.

Typical root causes of cancer
Below is a summarised list of the obvious and most dangerous root causes.
I go into more detail in my book:
1. Oral pathology (root-canal-treated teeth and dental jaw cavitations)
2. Vaccine ingredients and DNA from aborted foetuses (Prof Judy Mikovits exposed this sad reality in her in-depth study and published research papers)
3. Heavy metals, like mercury in silver amalgam fillings
4. Sugars and refined carbohydrates
5. Chemical food colourants, preservatives, and taste enhancers
6. Herbicides on food
7. Lack of critically important nutrients like vitamin C, B17, D, antioxidants, etc
8. Genetically modified food
9. Acidic pH-balance
10. Chlorine in drinking water and swimming pools
11. Rancid carcinogenic oils and fats in processed grains and foods
12. EMF, cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation, 5G
13. Tobacco and cigarette smoke
14. Emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Cancer Recovery Suggestions:

1. Optimal nourishment
Change your diet and lifestyle. This is the most logical point of departure. My book is a fantastic guide on how to do this.

2. Aim to live free from toxins
Remove all the root causes. Remember to eliminate everything that puts stress on your immune system.

3. Natural and alternative treatment protocols
Research, select, and apply a selection of proven alternative and natural cancer treatment protocols. If you do your research, you will discover that the cures for cancer have been discovered long ago by pioneers like Dr Max Gerson, Dr Johanna Budwig, Dr Krebs, Dr Kelley, Bill Henderson, Dr Nicholas Gonzalez, pioneer Jim Humble, and many more.

Alternative, natural, and supportive treatment suggestions for fighting cancer:

• A strict ketogenic diet (elimination of sugar and low or no carbohydrates) is recommended as cancer cannot survive without blood glucose.
• Your pH balance. The balanced ketogenic diet is naturally alkaline, but in the case of cancer, it is advisable to eat less animal proteins, especially red meat.
• Five to seven apricot kernels per day and/or vitamin B17 intravenously. Read World Without Cancer – The Story of Vitamin B17 by G. Edward Griffin.
• Cannabis Oil – Research Rick Simpson and the oil. I have talked to many people that used his methods for treating their cancers and health issues.
• Sutherlandia capsules (kankerbossie). Traditionally used for a variety of conditions, enhancing well-being and immune support
• High dosages of Vitamin C, even intravenously
• Juicing therapy: no fruits, way too much sugar, only vegetables without sugar and carbohydrates
• Herbs. Include fresh raw herbs like cayenne pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and garlic in every meal.
• Ozone therapy
• Essential oils
• Rebounding (mini trampoline). This critically important exercise is needed three times per day to clean your body through your lymphatic system by removing toxins and dead cancer cells.
• The Gerson therapy
• The Budwig protocol
• Dr Hilda Clark’s parasite cleansing programme

These treatment suggestions should always be administered under the guidance of a qualified natural health care professional.

4. Monitor your progress:
This is the most important! To measure is to know. You need to know if there is progress. There are different ways of doing it. Find a method that you are comfortable with. One of the best ways is the Navarro Urine test (HCG Urine Immunoassay). This accurate and inexpensive test was developed by oncologist Dr Manual D. Navarro. The test detects the presence of cancer cells before signs or symptoms develop. For more details visit navarromedicalclinic.com

In conclusion
There are a growing number of holistic, integrated, and natural doctors all over the globe who practice common sense medicine, treating the root cause and not the symptom. Empower yourself with the facts and truth about credible alternative cures not endorsed by the mainstream media.

There are no magic ‘silver bullets’ (quick fixes). You need to tackle this challenge holistically, starting by removing all the root causes. Remember, it is not only what you take that is important; but also what you remove.

Let’s finish off with a quote from Jessie Potter, an educator and counsellor on family relationships, “If you keep on doing what you did, you’ll keep on getting what you got.” It is another way of saying: “What you sow you will reap.” By ‘sowing’ the correct diet, lifestyle, and treatment the body is empowered to heal itself.

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