Written by: Gillian Fraser
Article source: JOY! Magazine

We are starting to open up our country after many weeks of lockdown that saw citizens confined to their houses. The Christian Church suffered a huge setback during this time, as Christians across the world could not attend services or cell groups, could not continue with door-to-door evangelism, and could not continue with their ‘normal’ Christian traditions. Many saw this as a sign of the times, and were mortified that their church services were not deemed “essential.” Many, however, were optimistic at the chance for new opportunities and new revival to break out behind the brick and mortar walls of the physical church.

The church never closed down
You see, Jesus never intended for Christians to worship the church, but to be the church. Our ministry is not confined to prayer rooms or auditoriums, but is present in the hearts of believers. It doesn’t matter if the physical church was shut down, as the church is made up of us, the Body of Christ. We weren’t shut down. In this lockdown period, we saw many ministries adapt to share the timeless message of the Gospel. We saw online evangelism grow exponentially, we saw churches livestreaming their services, we saw Christians spreading hope and faith online, and we saw prayer lines explode over the phone.

We saw a world seeking healing and hope, and as Christians we have the answer for them.

God is fully in control
I do not believe that He sent the coronavirus to us, but that what the enemy “meant evil against us; God meant it for good, in order … to save many people.” – Genesis 50:20. God used this opportunity to change our model. The idols that we have built up have been smashed down, and God has created new ways for His church to move forward, now able to reach a greater audience than ever before.

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