– by Debbie Reddy

“Your servant has killed both the lion and the bear; this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, because he has defied the armies of the living God.” – 1 Samuel 17:36

Many people become despondent and give up when faced with tough times. People usually quit at the brink of their miracle. Your perception of the obstacles you face will determine how you react to such situations. In the above Scripture, David cultivated a positive attitude by declaring victory even before he engaged in the battle. His confidence came from his understanding of the God that he served. This God that gave him victory over the lion and the bear would give him victory over the uncircumcised Philistine. David’s life was riddled with battles. God had identified the throne as David’s destiny – however – instead of enjoying the luxuries of the palace, David found himself engaged in one battle after the next. At the early age of 17 years, David was anointed king. The promise tarried until he was 30. During this time David had to push through many obstacles, and fight many battles before he could receive his promise. 

David’s first battle was defending his flock from a lion and a bear. Not long after, he engaged in his first military battle where he conquered Goliath with nothing more than a stone in a slingshot. The battle with the beasts prepared him for his battle with Goliath. David soon learnt that every battle is a stepping stone to a higher level of blessings. Joseph’s life in Genesis 37 was a series of highs and lows. Joseph experienced 13 years of battles before he found himself in Pharaoh’s palace. He had a tumultuous life. He was thrown into a pit, declared dead, sold to slavery, accused of rape, thrown into prison, and forgotten by the butler. Every battle Joseph went through prepared him for the Palace. It is common knowledge that between the mountaintops of victories there are deep valleys. And these valleys are just a set back to your set up. Child of God, the battle usually rages at its highest just before the victory. Struggles usually precede breakthrough. Push through because the misery you are in now is a signal of the miracle that is coming.

Debbie Reddy is a Senior Pastor and Co-founder of Cornerstone Christian Family Church situated in Heidelberg, Gauteng. She is a dynamic preacher, intercessor, and prophetess who is actively involved in empowering and shaping the lives of women. Email: dsreddy@mweb.co.za

Article source: JOY! Magazine

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