–by Ana Agrela

When you feel stressed, your nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol to help you cope. The release of these hormones causes a chain of chemical reactions in the body. These reactions cause your blood vessels to dilate to allow more blood to flow to your organs. Your heart rate speeds up to pump the increased blood flow around your body, and your muscles tighten up for a ‘fight or flight’ response. Your senses also become sharper.

Stress exhausts your body
Ideally this stress response is designed as an alarm/protection system for the body. If it’s ongoing then it will pass from the alarm stage to a resistant stage, and then to an exhaustion stage. The longer your body is placed under stress, the more inflammation and damage is caused – this is where the immune system comes into play. Your immune system will try to clean up the damaged cells and tissue that is being created from being stressed. Over time, this stress response weakens your immune system and increases your body’s risk of infection.

Immuno Armour can help you
It would be easy to say that we should all just avoid stress, but modern day living is stressful. Because of that, our immune systems need to be strengthened to deal with the damage caused by ongoing stress. Exercise, breathing, rest, and good nutrition can help you cope better with stress. God’s Word also calls us to bring all our burdens Him and He will give us rest.

If, like all of us, you are living a busy life you may want to consider strengthening your immune system so that you can cope better with every day stress and reduce your chances of getting sick, Immuno Armour has been proven to help you do that.

Antibiotics and the immune system
Most winter colds and flus are caused by viral infections. If the immune system is unable to fight against the viral infection, then sometimes it may turn into a bacterial infection. You can normally tell the difference between the two. If you are experiencing a temperature and the colour of the mucus from your nose, eyes, or lungs is transparent or a light yellow colour, it means that the infection may just be viral and the immune system is managing to fight off the infection. If, on the other hand, the mucus is thick and green, then a bacterial infection has set in.

Antibiotics – good or bad?
Antibiotics are generally prescribed for bacterial infections. They are very useful in destroying pathogenic bacteria, but they also tend to destroy beneficial bacteria that lives in the body. These beneficial bacteria form an important part of the gastrointestinal system, where 80% of the immune system lives. These bacteria help the immune system to recognise the difference between invasive micro-organisms and harmless food. So, although the antibiotics serve us well in fighting bacterial infections, they also weaken the immune system by killing off these good bacteria that function as our first line of defence against infections and support our general health and wellbeing.

Don’t wait until you get sick!
Ideally, we should aim to strengthen our immune systems so that they are nice and strong and can fight off the viral and bacterial infections on their own. By doing this we can avoid the use of antibiotics every winter when we get a cold of flu. This is where Immuno Armour can help. Immuno Armour is formulated with a special ingredient that has been proven to strengthen the immune system by increasing our first line of defense (sIgA) and by supporting our gut health, where most of our immune system lives.

Sickness is not God’s plan
Prayer, a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, rest, exercise, and drinking clean water all support the immune system to keep us healthy. God created us to live abundant, healthy lives. Let’s decree and declare this for ourselves and our families everyday.

Ana Agrela (BSc. NS) is the marketing manager for Kenza Health SA. For more information and references, please visit www.immunoarmour.co.za

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