Passionate proclaimer of the glorious Gospel, Itinerant preacher, and public speaker. “You may not change the world by helping one, but you would have changed the world for the one you helped.”

As a humorous husband, dedicated dad, passionate preacher and former epileptic, healed by the power of God, I have over the years witnessed the life changing miraculous manifestations of the power of faith and grace in and through Jesus Christ.

This has had a profound impact on my worldview as a Christian and served as a great catalyst that propelled me into a life of ministry. 

I believe that the Gospel is both a lifestyle and a message, and through itinerant preaching, Gospel campaigns, witnessing, humanitarian outreaches and various media platforms, a wave of Holy Spirit driven inspiration can launch an awakening and a revival of love to the glory of God.

God has given me a gifting, a testimony, a voice, and a great sense of humor to inspire and edify, to be an encouragement to others and to share the Gospel instead of gossip. I am tremendously passionate about my faith, and I will continue to encourage others to do the same!

As Dr Martin Luther King Jnr so profoundly stated; “The time is always right to do what is right.”

As cofounder and CEO of Word For The World Ministries NPC, apart from working towards fulfilling all of the above, it is my dream and aspiration to see a Church in unity take up its rightful place to lead as God intended, and make the difference that others are praying for.

Contact: (+27) 083 828 5034

Facebook Page: @heinstrauss777
Instagram: @strauss.hein
Twitter handle: @heinstrauss

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