Evangelist Francois de Jager is the founder and CEO of Salvation to Every Nation, a Ministry that focuses on Mass Evangelism and Evangelism Training.  Since 2005 Francois has spoken to more than 175 775 young people about Jesus Christ and more than 92 000 gave their hearts to Jesus.

Francois came to know Jesus personally at the age of 17. He had an encounter with Christ that changed his life forever!  Francois understands the hearts of young people, because he himself came out of a broken home. He was involved with sex before marriage, alcohol abuse & drugs. He was also a member of a gang, who robbed people and also spend some time in jail for ‘attempted murder’, but the charges were dropped and he was released.   Jesus came and filled that emptiness that he tried to fill with all the wrong things. 

Francois completed his Theological studies at the AFM Theological Seminary and RAU. He is an ordained Pastor in the AFM (Apostolic Faith Mission). However, being called to be an Evangelist, he is an itinerant preacher and not a pastor of a local assembly.

Francois’ evangelistic ministry, Salvation to Every Nation, specialises in Evangelism, particularly in Mass Evangelism (Crusades and Reload Conferences) as well as equipping people in evangelism, soul-winning, prayer and sharing their personal testimonies.

His vision is to reach this Generation of people with the Gospel by means of mass evangelism, training believers to share the Gospel, media and books. A motion picture was made about Francois’ testimony. The movie “RELOAD” has already touched thousands of lives. Being a big believer in the effectiveness of books and literature, Francois has written a book called “Reload your Life.”

www.salvationten.com  |  info@salvationten.com  |  063 826 6163

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