Dynamic public speaker, itinerant preacher, and writer. “A healthy perspective on life starts with the correct understanding of who we are in Christ.”

As a wife, mommy and daughter of the Most High, I am passionate about inspiring and coaching of especially women, to be the best versions of themselves.

For I know that God created each and everyone of us, authentically beautiful and unique, with a God-given purpose that we are able to fulfill in Him. God only has the most amazing thoughts towards us and because HE IS, we CAN! 

As co-founder and an evangelist of Word For The World Ministries (NPC), author and public speaker, my vision is to go out and reach out to as many of God’s precious children as I possibly can. The Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom was never intended to be an exclusive secret for a select few, but a life changing truth for all to hear. In order for us to see change in our nation and in the world, we need to be the salt of the earth and the light to the world. There is a very good reason why the Word says, ARISE and shine!

Jesus Christ is the only hope for the World and it is only an honor to be in His service. My heart is to ignite that same passion in the hearts of others, that we as the body of Christ, with Him as the head, by His grace and the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, will leave no stone unturned until Jesus returns!

Email: alta@wordftw.org
Contact: (+27) 072 086 0325
Website: www.wordftw.org

Facebook Page: @straussalta
Instagram: @altastrauss
Twitter handle: @altastrauss

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