We Witness Mighty Miracles!

–  Tamryn Klintworth

Since our last article, we have held a salvation-saturated crusade in Sawla, Ethiopia. Please visit inhisname.global and be abundantly blessed by the daily reports. Our Saviour is alive and if we proclaim His matchless Name, souls are saved, bondages broken, and lives liberated! 

Our Fire Night in Atlantis, South Africa is now around the corner. Join us on 22 March at Saxonsea Primary School from 19:00. Jesus shall be preached and hands laid on all who need prayer. Come and receive whatever you need from His nail-pierced hands. Healing has been so on my heart lately. At our events, we witness mighty miracles, service after service: tumours shrivel up; cancers disintegrate; broken bones are pieced back together by the Great Physician.

Last month, I released a free e-booklet on healing and if you have not yet downloaded and read it, I warmly encourage you to do so. It is titled, IN HIS NAME, I am Healed! and can be found on our website. If your body is sick, the revelations contained therein will be life-changing. They will help you believe, really believe, that He is the God who heals all our diseases, until you see the manifestation of that spectacular promise.

If your friend or loved one is ill, this booklet will inspire you to pray for them more earnestly, encourage them more fervently, and believe with them more vehemently. Jesus died to set us free from every foul torment of the devil: spirit, soul, and body.

Do keep my team and I in your prayers as we crusade in Madabani, South Africa from 10 – 14 April. We would so appreciate this. Contact us at info@inhisname.global / 021 556 0762 and let us know you are praying for us. Together with you, Africa shall be saved!

JOY! Magazine (April 2019)

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