A Tried & Tested Way

– by Robbie Cairncross

The Bible says that God’s people perish for a lack of knowledge. Training always produces the best results, whether it be in a trade, university, or at school. The Jewish Rabbis had a system that they used and I am sure Saul (later Paul) also experienced. This system of training was broken into 4 phases: I do, you watch. I do, you help. You do, I help. You do, I watch. For the last 20 years, we have been taking students through this time-proven system with supernatural results. The vehicle we have used to do this has been The School of Grace, Healing & Evangelism in which many have gained knowledge, impartation, knowhow, and confidence by attending these classes. The trophy is learning how to get others healed, saved, and set free. We will teach and show you how to flow with the Holy Spirit and power. Penetration (community one-on-ones), and extraction (revival meetings) are covered. This Supernatural School of Grace, Healing & Evangelism is divided into 2 categories: 

1. Jesus Be Set Free Worldwide School of Grace Healing & Evangelism – We come to you
This school is unique in that it can be attended or hosted by you or your church. It is amongst one of the only practical grace evangelistic healing schools in the world. It is very affordable, 5 sessions only, no exams, and certificates are awarded at graduation.

2. Worldwide School of Grace Healing & Evangelism – Distance Learning
There is no distance in the Spirit. School of Evangelism can be done from home in your own time. DVDs and notes are posted. No exams. Enjoy likeminded evangelistic mentorship and relationships. Subjects are: Law and Grace, Sons & Orphans, Flesh & Spirit, Earthly & Heavenly,
Effective Grace Soul Winning Evangelism, Ministering in the Holy Spirit & Power, and more. Church hosted schools are tailor made to the need of the hosting church.

ROBBIE CAIRNCROSS can be contacted on 0839898149 or robbie@jesusbesetfree.tv. For more information, visit www.jesusbesetfree.tv

Article source: JOY! Magazine

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