There Must Be Something More

– by Robbie Cairncross

In 26 years of full-time ministry – preaching locally, nationally, and internationally in over 39 countries, including Pakistan, South Korea, Egypt, Dubai, Germany, England, Singapore, and Malaysia – I have noticed that many Christians, although saved, are seated at the foot of the Cross. They always seem to be fighting and enemy – in curses, battling strongholds, and feeling that God is somewhere else. I have also noticed that there are those who believe that the Cross is complete. They live a resurrected life in which God and them are one. They accept that which Jesus has already done. In this ‘through the Cross life’, they move with His grace, mercy, peace, love, and power effortlessly. 

Their resurrected righteousness is not doubted. Tired of being powerless, exhausted by trying to be spiritual, feeling God is somewhere. If you feel that there should be more to your spiritual life – if you are tired of being powerless, exhausted by trying to be spiritual, frustrated, feeling burnt out by a constant feeling of guilt and condemnation – then this life-conforming book, Living Through The Cross, is the much more you have being seeking. Living Through The Cross is a trilogy (3 books in 1), moving from the Foot Of The Cross (Book 1) to The Cross Of Calvary (Book 2), and finally to Living Through The Cross (Book 3). This book gives you a great understanding of what actually happened at Calvary, which is of complete benefit to you. No more begging the Holy Spirit to visit, but now knowing that you have been permanently resurrected into His powerful presence. This book has the grace of being simple without being boring or simplistic, lifting you into His instant love and grace revival. Get your hardcopy or virtual copy now – visit

Article source: JOY! Magazine (November 2018)

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