Raising The Dead

– Robbie Cairncross

Matthew 10:7,8 says, “As you go, preach, saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand! Cure the sick, raise the dead…” Although this can be a very intimidating Scripture, allow me to encourage you. I have been blessed by having four people raised from the dead in our ministry. On all occasions, I have realised that it had really nothing to do with me. Due to space, I will share just two instances with you. The first happened over a radio revival in Atlantis. I was preaching that there is life and healing in His presence. A lady later arrived and gave this testimony. She was a minder of a young boy, whom choked to death. She was just about to panic when she heard this message. 

The child minder, in desperation, took the dead child and held his limp, little body up towards the radio, thanking God. Immediately, the little one started to cry loudly. Life had been restored. Another resurrection happened in a Whole Town Revival meeting in the North West Province. A lady brought along a child whom was 13 and had AIDS. This was before ARVs. She sat in the front row with her frail, gaunt daughter. During the service, the teenager took her last breath. Her mother started weeping, but did not get up because of a fear of people. Only her and I knew what had happened. I lifted the light, lifeless body from the mother and held her as tightly as I could against myself. The people thought the girl was asleep as she flopped around whilst I tucked and pinned her under my arm. I nevertheless continued to preach His beautiful grace Gospel, walking up and down in front of the crowded auditorium. All of a sudden the body jerked twice and life was restored. The mother was so joyful that she jumped up out of her seat fearlessly and danced. The crowd thought this was because I was a great preacher, but it was really because a loving mother had her daughter returned in health and life by a loving Father.

JOY! Magazine (February/March  2019)

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