Living Healthily

—by Robbie Cairncross

More than 27 years ago the Lord said to me, ‘Robbie take My healing everywhere and I will manifest My tangible presence.’ This has been so true and we have seen unusual miracles in our ministry – locally, nationally, and internationally. A further step in that direction is the launch of our Be Set Free, The Answer Symposium. It will consist of 4 sessions in 1 day ( 9am – 9pm) resulting in healing and healthier people. The 4 sessions will cover the 4 most fundamental areas in one’s life, led by my wife and I. Session 1 – Healthy Finances, Session 2 – Healthy Lifestyle, Session 3 – Healthy Body, and Session 4 – Healthy Spirit. Never before have all four of these vital subjects been presented in one symposium with a focus on practical application. Healthy Finances will cover being set debt-free, in which you will get 1 spiritual and 3 practical ways of getting out of debt. 

How to have an extra income is also shared. Healthy Lifestyle is focused on helping others by doing good. It is healthy to be some else’s medicine. Delegates will leave this session knowing the aspects of being a positive catalyst in a negative environment. The Healthy Body session teaches what to eat and how to eat a full wholesome meal (and still lose weight). Five ‘stay-away-at-all-costs’ foods will be highlighted, resulting in one becoming slim and strong. Finally the Healthy Spirit focuses on how to be unburdened at the Cross of Calvary and be resurrected into His new and living way in order to receive peace, joy, love, grace, mercy, and of course healing. We hope to hold such a symposium in Gauteng, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban. Final dates and venues will be announced. Let me know if you would be interested in attending, and which city would suit you. Email or SMS 0839898149. Learn how to practically be holistically well. I am thoroughly looking forward to hearing from you, meeting you, and sharing an encounter that I believe will bring you stress-free good things.

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Article source: JOY! Magazine

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