How Is Your Soul?

– by Gebhardt Berndt

A soul that prospers results in a prosperous life – so how is your soul? Scripture declares in 3 John 2, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers”. From this Scripture, we can see that the health of our spirit and soul determines our material health, and not the other way around. If we do not start with the understanding that we are loved, we will never be able to prosper in anything else. Our life can only prosper as our soul prospers. In other words, God is much more concerned with what is on the inside of you than what is on the outside. God wants to resurrect your thought life and word life so that it equates to His promise, His plan, and His destiny. 

In order to do this, you must align your soul, which encompasses your mind, emotions, and will or actions, with God’s truth – and His truth is that Christ came to give us a life of fullness and abundance in Him (John 10:10). When we take hold of this truth and allow it to transform us, our soul will prosper and we will be able to say, “It is well with my soul!”. Therefore, how is your soul? Is your soul full of peace, joy, hope, and life? Or are your thoughts filled with fear, anxiety, depression, and even hopelessness at times? Whatever is in your soul determines your life and a prosperous life is your portion – take it for yourself! Christ died so that you can live now and forevermore! God Himself is interested to see you prosperous in all areas of your life. If you’re not where you are supposed to be and your soul is not well, reach out today! We are ready to assist!

JOY! Magazine (July 2018)

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