For What Purpose Was Jesus Sent?

– by Robbie Cairncross

Much may be the speculation, but Jesus personally and simply tells us in Luke 4:43: “And He said unto them, I must preach the Kingdom of God to other towns/cities also: for therefore, am I sent.” Jesus shares that His purpose was to preach the Gospel in other towns and cities. Jesus was the first ever to hold whole town revivals (WTR). He later shows His 12 disciples in Luke 8:1 to do the same. Further in Luke 10:1,8,9 & 17 we see the 70 going out 2 by 2, doing the same. The disciples also knew how to do whole town revivals, but it seems they did not continue with this that Jesus showed them to do. We, you and I, are picking up that mandate 2000 years later. Over the last 15 years, my ministry has held 51 Whole Town Revivals, where everyone in the town is shown His love, grace, and has an opportunity to receive their salvation. Multitudes get healed, saved, and set free. 

There are 6 facets to a successful WTR: The Pastors Dinner of Honour, the School of Grace, Healing & Evangelism, the Be Set Debt Free Breakfast, the Penetration Evangelism/one on ones. The Healing & Equipping Revival, and the coaching of the town leaders in all sectors for a Godly vision for victory. This is a unique move that God is doing for us in South Africa as I have not seen it done this way anywhere in any nation in the world. I have noticed 7 key results on a town after a whole town revival: Multitudes are healed, saved, & set free, crime decreases, health increases, businesses prosper, there is spiritual upliftment, churches grow, and larger and better crops are harvested. I am looking for hosts whom have a heart for the lost, persons of influence, and/or affluence. Why not host a WTR and see your whole town or suburb healed, saved, and set free. There is no Kingdom expansion or church growth without evangelism.

Article source: JOY! Magazine (December 2018)

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