Feeling Out Of Touch With God?

– by Gebhardt Berndt

What do you do when you’re down against the ropes and it feels like the once powerful joy that surged your soul is slipping through your fingers? What do you do when you feel out of sync with God, His voice, and yourself? How do you come back from sin, mistakes, and shortcomings? 

These are the questions I face every day from hundreds of believers, and yet so many Christians are still failing to answer this by the arms of grace, by the footsteps of a running Father to His son limping home from failed attempts. How easily do we not point people to the law, to works, and self-effort? How easily we all forget we are but fools saved by grace, by a ‘scandalous Madman’ who is so in love with us that He would give His best. I find what brings me back from pits of despair and caves of darkness, loneliness, and sometimes the feeling of the absurd is to run with all my heart into the Heart of Grace and throw myself headlong into His love for me. I have learnt that I am not just the one He loves, but I am the one He likes, with or without my shortcomings! Grace! Jesus! Pure and simple! May we never forget that Jesus is enough!

JOY! Magazine (October 2018)

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