Arise And shine

– by Robbie Cairncross

His light does shine. This statement is never truer than when confronted by a sea of unbelieving darkness. In 1940, the Muslim League decided to separate and give Muslims in India an independent nation. In 1947, Pakistan became that independent nation. Pakistanis generally detest Americans. If one is European in appearance, they immediately think one is American. I was doing a revival in Pakistan – many thousands got saved. I travelled at night for security reasons. On one trip we came to a roadblock, I was sitting in the back of the vehicle with my interpreter next to me. A very heavily armed official shone his torch into the back of the vehicle and straight onto my face. 

He immediately started to scream at the top of his voice. In a few moments, the small car was surrounded by AK47-toting men, all screaming. They opened the back door and pulled my interpreter out. Was this the end of me? What a way to go. The door was again flung open. My interpreter shouted above the frenzy of fear, “They want you to pray for them.” This I did, and a peace above all understanding descended. It was later explained to me that when the official shone his torch on my face, all he saw was the brightest light shining back at him. The interpreter was pulled out for his safety. The screaming was to call all others to come and behold this bright light. When we are resurrected through the Cross, we are in Him whom is the light, which is our life. His Glory has risen upon us. Christ has shone upon us and given us His life of light. When others see us, they see Him – so arise and shine! (Isa 60:1, Jn 1:4, Eph 5:14)

Article source: JOY! Magazine

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