Are You Confident In Your Prayer Life?

– by Gebhardt Berndt

The power of prayer does not lie in its intrinsic value or in its deep theoretical or theological approach, but in its pure active childlike nature to a loving Father that has called all His kids. The disciples walked into the garden and they almost stumbled over a Man, all huddled up in commitment, in deep conversation. They observed this Man and their hearts cried, “Lord teach us to pray”! To understand the depth of the question, you need to know that the disciples where well acquainted with prayer. But never in their lives have they seen such type of prayer. They grew up in a religious society where prayer was as normal as breathing, yet they were never introduced to a Man that could speak intimately with His Father through a personal relationship. What stroked their hearts was the connection, the manner, the depth, and the love. It is however imperative to note that there is not one bad prayer as a saint. 

Jesus taught His disciples to pray by saying, “Father”. Not with deep theological determination –though theology has its place – but with a personal, active, relational statement. Abba is a term of tenderness, a word used in intimacy, a name that reveals a deep connection. He is my Abba, and nothing can or will be seen unfit before Him as I am the one He loves. If He is not Abba to you, then you have defined yourself as less than a child. Abba has not moved in His outrageous pursuit of us, we have moved in our value by what we have heard and seen, which is contrary to everything that is true. What Jesus is saying is that we may address the infinite, almighty God with intimacy, familiarity, and unshakable trust. Is your own personal prayer life characterised by this? If not, it is time to call Him Abba and revolutionise the way you pray. We can help – reach out today!

Article source: JOY! Magazine (December 2018)

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