– by Gebhardt Berndt

When the anointing of God is upon a person, it changes that individual from being a little ordinary person into being a spiritual giant. The anointing cannot be purchased or merchandised, it is received by the Person of the Holy Spirit as He dwells inside of us and makes His living in and through us. It is through communion with Him that we grow into our full potential in Jesus Christ (Rom 8:29). I believe we are living in a time and a period where our relationship with Holy Spirit won’t just be necessary, but will determine the very essence of who we are and what we do. God is for us, in us, and ahead of us. We need to continuously allow Him to break into us so that we can break out of the limitations placed upon us. This generation is starving for a true encounter with the living God, so that they might be empowered.  

I would encourage any believer in this season and time (Eccl 3:1) to take a thorough stock take of the contents of their own heart to ensure it is Holy Spirit inspired and not man driven. Nothing in our lives will work without the Holy Spirit, as all things are held together in God. It is time for the mighty men and women of God to arise and to take their place in seeing this generation invaded by the power, love, and grace of God. Heaven wants to invade earth. It has never changed. Christians are still the salt and the light, we are still the vessels of power He has chosen. May you take this to heart and answer His call and grow in an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. There are diamonds everywhere, may you see every person as a gem. Have faith, stand strong, reach out, be the change your hoping for!

JOY! Magazine (September 2018)

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