Written by: Shawn A. Akers
Article source: www.charismanews.com

Curt Landry is aware of the toll COVID-19 has taken on churches worldwide.

And Landry, like others, has observed the social distancing restrictions with honor. But through it all, God has shown the founder of Curt Landry Ministries what this challenging time will mean for believers. When it’s all over, God’s glory will shine through, and the church will be much better for it.

“We need to put God first because it’s the Blood of Jesus and the names of God in the courts of heaven that are going to cancel this virus,” Landry told Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelines on the Charisma Podcast Network. “And that’s going to come from the church. I want to decree this, that your church and house of David, that we are an essential business. We’re like the hospital. You may have to go into a hospital for medical treatment, but you can get healed supernaturally in the house of God.

“And it starts with repentance. I believe we are going to have a great awakening of repentance that’s going to start when churches open. A lot of pastors are like me, saying, “I’m not exactly sure how we are going to do this.” But I think you’re going to see more people wearing masks lying on the floor of your church crying out to God, being transformed and being healed. And they’re going to say, ‘Who would have ever known I had to lie on the floor with a mask to find the Holy Ghost? …

“You are in one of three zones. You’re either in the fear zone and you’re reacting; you’re in the learning zone and you’re reflecting; or you’re in the growth zone and you’re ready to repent and change. Identify your zone and say these words: ‘Father God, I am coming out of fear and I’m coming out of anxiety, and I am teachable. Lord, reveal to me my purpose. Let the passion and the fire of the Holy Spirit come and ignite me out of anxiety and fear. Lord, I will learn Your principles and I will practice them, and I will put people and their value ahead of mine. I will align with You as the true leader. I will be calm, confident. I will have clarity and competence, and I will reflect the excellence of the Lord. I decree and declare, let it be recorded in the courts of heaven, that the coronavirus did not ground me with fear, but the Lord crowned me with His glory. The best in my life is yet to come.'”

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