– by Johan Jacobs

Obesity and diabetes is the 3rd leading cause of death in America, with South Africa following close on its heels.

What caused this universal epidemic of obesity and diabetes?
‘Trick and cheat foods’ cause this global epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Trick foods are ‘foods’ that are not really food. The food industry has engineered and legalised many man-made cheat foods. These ‘foods’ trick and essentially cheat your body as they deliver no nutrients/building blocks. We eat to supply nutrients so that old cells in our bodies can be replaced with new cells. This is one of the profound design features of our body – it can self-maintain all our cells and systems, if it receives enough building blocks daily.

Always hungry?
The cells in your body continually needs to be replaced, approximately 20 million cells every day! However, trick foods render your body in a perpetual state of craving for building blocks (nutrients to build new cells). Your body, with its intelligent design, knows when it lacks these much needed building blocks and will therefore remain in search mode for nutrients, which results in your inner control system activating a survival reflex, hunger. Many people are overfed, but yet are starving and malnourished. The hunger reflex aims to ensure that you receive the much needed building blocks. Unfortunately, trick foods only give you momentarily relief before you feel hungry again after an hour or two. This is because you are unknowingly cheating your body again. 

The main examples of trick foods are:
1. ‘Foods’ that contain sugar: sweets, cool drink, and even fruit juices, snack bars, etc.
2. Refined white flour products
3. Processed foods
4. Fast foods

Cannot be classified as food
Basically all quick fix ‘food’ found in packets, boxes, cans, and bottles. Actually, trick foods cannot be classified as a food. It is perhaps food-like, it is presented and promoted as food, but it only mimics food. In essence, trick foods are an abomination, because they are nutrient deficient and harmful to your body.

A toxic forgery
True food as presented by nature, designed by our Creator, will bless the body with nourishment in abundance. True foods contain natural occurring nutrients in synergy that give our body vitality. However, trick foods deceive and deplete your body of the nutrient reserves to process the unnaturally high amount of empty carbohydrates, which quickly converts to ultra-high blood sugar levels. As if that is not enough, the trick foods contain toxic chemical preservatives, colourants, taste enhancers, and bad fats that further place an immense burden on your immune system. Trick foods deplete the antioxidant and nutrient reserves from your body. They slowly erode your vitality and poison the body with devastating long term effects.

Addicted society
To top this, trick foods (with all the sugar and taste enhancers) are highly addictive. It is proven that sugar is a drug, since it is addictive. Think about it, every time you eat trick foods you are ingesting an addictive substance. Furthermore, trick foods are presented with propaganda on the packaging that make them even more irresistible, and users soon become enslaved to it. Serotonin, the feel-good hormone, is excreted when these trick foods are eaten, but this feeling of bliss is short-lived. One or two hours later your blood sugar levels drop, craving/starvation kicks in, and the destructive snowball cycle repeats itself.

Diabetes knocking at the door
The body stores the daily excess fat and sugar on a weakened body structure. Sadly, the victim’s organs also become nutrient deficient and cannot control the continuous high blood sugar levels and soon diabetes knocks on the door.

Preventable and reversible
The root cause of the problem must always be removed. Trick foods are destructive and must be avoided at all cost. Trick foods are well camouflaged like chameleons. Do yourself a favour and watch the documentary That Sugar Film on YouTube. Show it to your children and loved ones – spread the good news and prevent man-made ‘dis-ease’. 

The solution
1 Go Natural
The solution is to follow the natural route. If you Go Natural and prepare all your food with living, true, and fresh ingredients, you remove the guesswork and the complexity of label reading on packaged foods. I have never seen an obese and diabetic wild animal that is part of the original food chain as God created it. This is exactly what we should do: return to the original true foods. This is where our book Go Natural, Wisdom for Healthy Living comes in handy. It exposes all these trick foods and gives you the natural solution, as well as recipes for meals with true foods.
2 Be informed
We have been tricked, cheated, and deceived. Many people have grown up with trick foods and it has become the new norm to eat unnatural and unhealthy modern box ‘foods’. This has left us unable to discern what is healthy and what is unhealthy. Trusted information and guidelines are much needed. My suggestion is that parents and children start to learn what the solution is together.

Go Natural presents For The Love Of True Food seminars and workshops. Please feel free to attend one of these and empower yourself with information and the skills to take control of your health as a family. Book online at gonatural.co.za

Assistance for you
If you suffer from diabetes or blood sugar problems, consider food supplements that support the pancreas to produce insulin again. We have many suggestions to help those that are obese or have diabetes to return to homeostasis and vitality. If you need help, please contact me by emailing johan@gonatural.co.za to book a consultation. Read our remarkable testimonies online at gonatural.co.za of customers who recovered naturally.

Article source: JOY! Magazine

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