–by Gertude Moyo

Not too long ago I received a prayer request from a lady who had asked me to pray for “miracle money”. I told her that I did not believe in miracle money, but I prayed for her to find a job. Many Christians have been duped into thinking that they can get miracle money – that you just wake up and find money in your drawers. Seriously?

Miracle money is all about greed
What is more surprising is that these men and women who tell you that you will get miracle money do not believe in it themselves. If they did, why do they ask for your offerings, seeds, first fruits, and anything else that you can give? If they could just wake up with money in their drawers, they should be giving it to the congregation, not the other way around. Every time God has provided, He has used someone, sent angels, and always when there was a genuine need. Miracle money is all about greed and selfishness.

People want easy money
As I have said before, we want to believe in magic. We want things just to appear to us, we want relationships to work out without an effort on our parts, to get money when we have not worked. As Africans, we are aware of ‘tokoloshies’ that are supposed to bring money. I have heard stories of people that have snakes that vomit money. Is it true though? People want easy money and many have gone to witchdoctors to get something to use to get money. Business people do not manage their finances or use good business principles because they believe in visiting a medium, hoping the he will make their business grow magically. Does the Bible promise us easy money – miracle money? 

Working is Biblical
In my book, The Rewards of Diligence, I have dedicated a chapter on diligently working. In the Bible people worked right from Adam; even Jesus worked. God works. God put Adam to work, as you can see in Genesis 2:15. God wants us to work to provide for our families. We would prefer to be rich kids born with silver spoons in our lives and not having to work. Proverbs has a lot to say about lazy people. Is it laziness that causes us to believe in miracle money? We are told to give money to the man or woman on the pulpit in order to get miracle money, and we do it, but we never get the money. I have seen people become poorer as they continued to give, hoping they will get money, cars, and houses that they want. Alas, God does not trade that way. We want to get rich quick. My dad was a rich man with a viable business. His mother raised him, as his dad was not in the picture. My grandmother was a Christian. When my dad was doing very well, he went to find his father who was into ancestral worship. He joined the club and things went downhill after that. He started believing in what the witchdoctors said. He started misusing money and he brought in relatives from his father’s side that all stole from him – mostly all of them believed in witchcraft. He got into debt, but he kept on going to witchdoctors to get out of debt. It definitely did not work. He violated business principles and magic cannot change it. When he died, he had nothing. As kids, we were introduced to these things. We thank God for His saving grace through Christ Jesus our Lord.

It is time to work!
If you want a rich and meaningful life, you have to work for it. A business is not run by magic. You have to wisely manage it, do profit and losses, advertise, do customer care, consult etc. Relationships do not work out just by giving someone money to pray for you. You have to work at it by communicating honestly, buying gifts, spending quality time together, and so forth.  Proverbs 12:11 says, Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense.” Proverbs 14:23 says, “Some good comes from all work. Nothing but talk leads only to being poor. 

Giving must be out of kindness, mercy, and compassion
Sometimes we need to learn to invest wisely, which is something not normal to our African culture. Giving is good all the time. I like to give. It is this giving that is an exchange for something that is wrong. We cannot buy God. If Jesus had required an offering from the people He healed, what would have happened to the woman with the issue of blood who had nothing left? What would have happened to the blind beggar or the widow whose one son had died? What about the man by the pool who had been sick for 38 years? Giving must be out of kindness, mercy, and compassion. Giving in order to get is selfish.

GERTRUDE MOYO is a Cape Town based prophetic intercessor and counsellor. She can be contacted on calledtosa@gmail.com for prayer or to order a copy of her book.

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