Written by: Chad Macdonald
Article source: www.charismanews.com

Sometime ago, during a meeting with a fellow minister inside an Islamic nation where I was preaching, a conversation arose concerning the condition of the church there.

He asked me, “Brother, do you know the No. 1 problem with the church in my nation?”

I processed his question for a moment and thought about ISIS and other Islamic factions vexing the church in that area, then responded, “I would assume the persecution of our brethren?”

My friend shook his head. “No not at all. The No. 1 problem with the church in my nation is nominal Christianity.”

I sat there listening to my good friend, stunned. I agreed, “You know, my brother, it seems we have the same problem in America.”

Let me remind you today that the biggest threat to Christianity is not religious persecution.

It’s not the abominable LGBT agenda. It’s not abortion. It’s not any of those things. The No. 1 threat to the real church today is staring it right in the face.

It’s nominal, or lukewarm, Christianity.

Nominal Christianity is wrapped in deconstruction and woke culture, bathed in humanism and personal so-called truths. This is the wolf that stands at the door. In fact, it’s this kind of lukewarm Christianity God hates. Jesus warned John that it would be those whom he would vomit out.

What we need is a fresh white-hot encounter with the Holy Spirit and fire! What we need is backbone in our pulpits once again. What the church needs today is not another “let’s do life” conference. The church doesn’t need another network of life coaches.

We need a generation that loves holiness and eschews unrighteousness. What the church needs is a fresh baptism in the Holy Ghost and power!

That alone is the cure for compromised living. That alone is the cure for powerless preaching. That alone is the cure for a lukewarm experience. That is the cure for what ails America and the world.

What a scared world needs is a church endued with power from on high.

There is a clarion call sounding in this generation for a remnant, much like Paul and Silas who carried the reputation of Acts 17:6b: “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also.”

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Feature image: unsplash.com

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