ADHD, epilepsy, autism, dyslexia, colour blindness, learning disabilities, and autism are inherited disorders that follow the same profile and often occur together in family trees.

A Quick Revision
In the Bible there are several accounts of Jesus healing people that had epilepsy by casting out a deaf and dumb spirit (Matthew 17:14 – 18; Mark 1:23 – 27; Mark 9:17 – 27). If Jesus showed us that epilepsy is caused by a deaf and dumb spirit, then we can conclude that the other disorders in this profile are also caused by this, because physiologically, they are different manifestations of the same underlying problem – which is an interruption in neurological flow and a breakdown in perception in the brain.

Through thousands of case studies done by pastors and Christian doctors, it has been discovered that the deaf and dumb spirit that causes this, is given access into families where the wife dominated and ruled the household, while the man sat back passively in the background (either personally and/or generationally). This is ungodly order in the home because 1 Corinthians 11:3 and Ephesians 5:22 – 23 say that the wife must submit to her husband, and that the man is to be the spiritual leader and head of the home.

When there is ungodly order in the marriage relationship, there is also hostility and rage that is compounded in a husband and wife who are both angry. He is angry because he is passive and his domineering wife won’t let him take his place. She is angry because he won’t take responsibility as the head of the home and she has to hold everything together. The anger in her and him is spilling out in generations of families as the anger and hostility of autism. 

The Good News! We can be healed and set free!
The good news is that when we repent, the blood of Jesus washes us of all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9), we can take back our authority in Christ and command every evil spirit from satan’s kingdom to leave our lives and our generations (Luke 10:18 – 20; Mark 16:17) and ‘by His stripes we are healed’! – Isaiah 53:5. I pray you will be encouraged and filled with hope by the testimony below. Our God is still on the Throne and miraculous healings still take place today!

A Testimony
My name is Ria Renke. I am a mother of three boys. Our family lives in Bothaville, Free State, South Africa. My eldest, Imre was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 18 months old. That same year he was fitted with hearing aids for moderate hearing loss.

We never accepted the diagnosis. It didn’t matter how the doctors and therapists explained, I just knew that there is no reason for my son to live a life like that. Without Christ in our lives at that stage we tried everything: speech therapy, occupational therapy, play therapy, and even horse riding therapy. We just had to cure my son at all costs.

At the end of our rope
When Imre was 6 years old he attended a home school centre. By that time, it was his fifth pre-school. My husband and I were called in to discuss an event where Imre was involved. The teacher could see that we were on our robes end. Later that day, she sent me an e-mail. Attached to it was the book: “Healing begins with the sanctification of the heart by Dr MK Strydom”. At first I wasn’t very interested. However, I woke up that night and started to read the chapters that the teacher indicated. It was the chapters on ADHD, Epilepsy, Autism, and so on. It explained the origin and causing of these diseases. All of this was new to us. My husband and I were then just born again in Christ and newly baptised. We were so desperate that we just had to believe that this is the answer.

Heartfelt repentance personally and generationally
We started to pray for Imre every night for the next seven days while he was asleep. We repented on behalf of ourselves and our ancestors. We also started to break the curses of our bloodline and any other curses. We prayed the prayer over and over. I couldn’t get enough. This just had to work.

In the book Dr Michelle referred to the deaf and dumb spirit from The Bible in Mark 9, where Jesus cast the spirit out. I just knew that we had to deal with that as well as to address Imre’s deafness. We asked our church leader to help and she knew how to deal with it. In two weeks’ time we could noticeably see a change in Imre.

A surprise!
In the upcoming month a follow-up appointment was scheduled to test Imre’s hearing again. At the audiologist, there was a different therapist than usual, that would run Imre’s test. When she started to run the test I didn’t look up. I couldn’t look up. After so many times you don’t want to see that your child can’t hear. Then the therapist said: “Mama, look here.” On the screen it showed that Imre’s hearing is normal! Not even a slight dysfunction what so ever. 

Healed and made whole – all for His glory!
Imre is now eight years old. He is now in grade one. He is doing so well at school. He plays rugby in the school’s team and does amateur wrestling. He can speak, hear, read, write, and learn like any other child. Imre is healed. All glory the Lord, our Saviour and Healer!

My prayer is that Holy Spirit will stir each one that reads and hears this testimony to call out to Him in prayer and praise and to not relay on what men has to say!

Psalm 66:16-20 – “All believers, come here and listen, let me tell you what God did for me. I called out to Him with my mouth, my tongue shaped the sounds of music. If I had been cozy with evil, the Lord would never have listened. But He most surely did listen, He came on the double when He heard my prayer. Blessed be God: He didn’t turn a deaf ear, He stayed with me, loyal in His love.”

The Medical Ministry Network
If you and your family need healing for any of these diseases and/or ungodly order in the home – there are guideline repentance prayers on the website. However, we strongly recommend that you contact us for help on the medical ministry network ( This is a neutral organisation (i.e. not owned by any single person or ministry), which was established to connect like-minded ministries and Christian doctors who apply the same Biblical principles in health and disease. When you fill in a form on this website (not just for autism, epilepsy, ADHD etc. but for help with any disease), it enables us to refer you to the closest Christian doctor if necessary, and also to a person who is trained up in ministry to walk you through a discipleship process of dealing with and overcoming the spiritual strongholds behind that disease.


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