What Does The Word Of Abba Father Teach Us About Time Management? – Part 2

– by Gerrie Bester

We ended off our previous article with the harsh reality that it is impossible to manage time. Managing anything means that we have the authority and power to change or control it. This is not the case with time. We have no control or authority over time, as it is fixed. The priorities that we need to fit into every graceful breath of allocated time, from the heart of Abba Father, now that is a different story! 

Ponder on the following reality for a moment
Every morning your feet hit the ground, you are given 86 400 seconds by our loving Abba Father in which you can live the purpose that He created you to live – or waste it on other tasks, stripped of any Kingdom-value. Not one of these seconds can be transferred to the next day. You cannot save it or bank it. You use it to live your purpose or to seek a purpose! You have 86 400 seconds per day to glorify Him! Are you making them count? There is no person on earth that receives more than any other person. Everyone is given the exact same amount of time – everyday. What are you doing with your 86 400 seconds?

Imagine a large round glass bowl for a brief moment
This bowl represents the fixed amount of time given to each of us, every day. I cannot change the size of the bowl – it is 86 400 seconds in diameter – every day! We have to manage our priorities and fit them into the time “bowl”. Let us say for the purpose of our example that these priorities are represented by the following elements: large stones (Important priorities), small stones (Less important priorities), sand (small tasks), and water (other time consuming things). If I start my day by filling the bowl with sand, there will be no space for the large or smaller stones. If I put in the small stones first – the large stones will have no place to fit in. Remember the size of the bowl is not going to change – ever! There is only one way for everything to fit. You put in the large stones first. Then there are gaps between the large stones where the smaller stones will slot in. The sand can then be added, which will fill up all spaces between the stones; and lastly, take the water, pour it in the bowl, consuming the air spaces between the solids. If this sequence changes in any way – one or more of these elements will not fit. The bowl from the Hand of the Father is sufficient, for His purpose anyway! 

The question is – who is determining our priorities?
The ever demanding world or our loving Father who designed our purpose? So what if we started praying to Abba Father to prioritise our day according to His Will and purpose for our lives? Maybe some of the “sand” will be missed, but all the purpose-filled “glory stones” will be safe in the bowl!

JOY! Magazine (December 2017)

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