Towards A Better World

– by Bishop Tshalo Katshunga

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to be invited as one of the panellists at a summit held at Stellenbosch University that was hosted by the Africa Matters Initiative. The topic of discussion was so important that I decided to write this article and share my thoughts. We spoke about “Towards a better Africa”. I think it would even be richer if we can talk about ‘towards a better world’. The question that really got my attention at the summit was, “What does a better Africa look like?”. I believe the same applies to our world, “What does a better world look like?” I propose that a better world is a world that, through effective and efficient mechanisms, manages to empower itself to do the following:
Address the issue of poverty in a practical and meaningful way.
Achieve freedom and justice for all.
Access clarity of direction for its billions of people through visionary leadership. As Helen Keller said, “What is worse than being born blind is to have sight without vision.”
Abrogate all forms of oppression.
Address the issue of land-reform and land-restitution in many parts of the world. 

Although this list is not exhaustive, it does provide a clear picture of a better world. A better world, not a perfect one, can only be possible if the Church will:
Seriously attempt to partner with God in this endeavour.
Seek to raise a prophetic generation who will hear, with clarity, instructions from Heaven.
Release its sons and daughters into the corridors of power and every major sector of society.
Our churches must become more than places where people come to. They must rather be places from where people are sent into the world as change agents.

JOY! Magazine (January 2018)

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