Retired Ministers Using Media To Build Legacy

– by Ivin Viljoen

I sometimes wonder, knowing the purpose of Jesus’ ascension; ‘What would Jesus have felt like, had He not ascended to heaven after His resurrection?’ I recently came across a lot of pastors who chose to, or had to retire from ministry, and perhaps feel like there’s no sense of purpose left for them. Being very aware of what happens to the elderly when their sense of purpose is lost, I offer some ideas of how retired pastors or ministers could use media to cement their legacy: 

Build a media presence
Retired pastors have a wealth of experience and could create content that will serve people in the immediate future, being immortalised for generations to come. If the minister has a limited budget, he/she could focus on investing time into proper preparation. The great thing about digital media is that content is easy and affordable to create and allows for you to easily get in touch with your audience.

Create a (live) video strategy
Creating one video a week would allow enough time for the content to mature and get attention on it. It is wise to couple this with live video delivery that could be streamed on Facebook, Youtube, and on Periscope. It is important that proper attention be given to the cultivating of a niche community.

Publish a podcast
Videos could then be converted to audios and published as podcasts. This allows your content to be converted to another medium and then distributed on various channels where audio content is consumed.

Transcribe your audio offerings
You could next transcribe all audios within your content strategy. The transcriptions could then be converted to blog posts wherein the videos and podcasts could be embedded making for a rich media experience, serving as another great channel people could engage on.

Self-publishing books
You could easily convert your blog posts to book format, self-publish it and then publicise it by promoting it on all your media channels you’ve developed. A book also serves as a very powerful business card. Perhaps not digitally connected, your audience will get an idea what your ministry entails and what your content is like, opening doors for further ministry. Develop an international distribution channel online, increasing your reach and sales by further publishing your book in audio format. 

Running workshops
Follow up your content development by creating a workbook version of your book; this will open doors for seminars, and conferences, further growing the speaking and training portion of your ministry.

Building recurring income
When you speak on stage/online, your could gather a lead list comprising of information like email and PO box addresses, as well as phone numbers. Once your list has grown, you could introduce a monthly membership fee to them after giving them value. Your audience can receive monthly content. Jesus was consistently producing valuable and relevant content for specific groups of people, developing the most efficient way of delivering that content to them. Jesus ensured that His disciples were constantly developing by growing them and helping them become more productive. Jesus is still working, even after His ‘retirement’, and we could do the same doing the greater works that Jesus promised us.

JOY! Magazine (September 2017)

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