Real Inheritance, Real Money

– by Zoltan Erdey

I have often been conflicted about the thought of leaving an inheritance for my children (financially speaking). On the one hand, I want my children to be financially wise enough to ensure that they are in no need of an inheritance. On the other hand, it is clear that while the Bible mostly refers to inheritance in a spiritual sense, one cannot simply dismiss this Biblical theme as merely spiritual in nature.

What form of inheritance should we leave?
While my conflict in appropriating this Biblical theme to my children has many dimensions, one of them relates to form. That is, what form should a financial inheritance take should my wife and I pass away before our children are standing on their own two feet monetarily (perhaps even once they are adults)? How about money in the bank? Or wealth in the form of various policies and trust funds? How about property that they can later sell at a profit? Perhaps even my business? While all of these are valid and prudent choices, I think most Christians ignore having a small portion of their wealth in the most honest form of wealth there is; physical silver and gold bullion. (I have discussed the benefits of gold and silver in previous articles, so I will not repeat myself again here.) 

The most secure inheritance
While I am not a pessimist about the future of my country, I am most certainly a realist. A wise Christian ought not be ignorant about what history teaches us! Banks can close and liquidate; the South African Rand can become worthless; retirement funds can be taxed in the name of re-distribution of wealth; trust funds can be mismanaged (not to mention the exorbitant fees to manage); and property can be reclaimed or occupied. But physical silver and gold are known specifically for their resilience to protect against such contingencies. They serve to anchor one’s wealth and to provide a measure of security against the above possible eventualities.

Don’t just leave behind paper
So, perhaps it is time to think beyond merely mainstream financial instruments when it comes to one’s wealth, especially in the light of our wealth potentially becoming and inheritance to our children and grandchildren. Proverbs 13:22 says, “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, And the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.” Leave behind real wealth and money, not just paper.

JOY! Magazine (October 2017)

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