Living Authentically

– by Ken  Costa

How do we make a difference where we are? Most people want to make a difference through their lives. In whatever role you find yourself, you will have influence. God cares more about how we work than where we work. Whether a banker or a baker, a lawyer or marketing executive, army officer or nursery nurse, we need to be faithful to God, living His values in the workplace. This may risk our reputations because we may have to face the taunt that there is no God. However, we live each day in the knowledge that Jesus will return and reward us, as well as call us to account. We need good values at work: 

Love God and love others as we love ourselves
This is the foundation – love God with everything we have, all that we are and all that we do. Our love for God must spill over into how we treat others. Ask Jesus to show us how He sees people and treat them accordingly. We should treat our colleagues as we wish to be treated, see things from their point of view and decide each day to prefer them to ourselves.

Be honest
Honesty can be costly, but we are called to be a people of honesty. Honesty builds trust in our teams and our workplaces.

Live with integrity
We are called to act with integrity because of whose we are. Our colleagues see us as examples of what is it like to follow this ‘God of the Bible’. Integrity requires that we do well the work to which we have been called. Let us be people who point to God by our integrity, in the way we do business, our relationships, and our attitudes to work. This might mean taking a stand when something is morally wrong, being honest when it is costly or challenging destructive behavior in your workplace.

Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God
This is deeply challenging one, particularly in a cutthroat, competitive industry. Giving credit where credit is due, not taking praise for the success of others or being direct when difficult decisions need to be taken are practical ways to do this. But there is a part of this justice and humility that is deeply counter cultural when seemingly success depends on self-promotion and competition. The key is walking “with God”. 

Be willing to forgive
We will all need to seek forgiveness of God and of others many times in our working lives. Let us reflect His love in the way we forgive our colleagues who have hurt us and be quick to forgive the mistakes of others.

Be patient, kind, good, faithful, and self-controlled
We cannot hope to do this in our own strength, but we can rely on the Spirit of God to equip us and guide us. Remember this; faith in Jesus Christ changes everything, including everything at work.

JOY! Magazine (September 2017)

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