You Have Influence To Transform Lives

– by Nita Luìs

In many ways, my story is a Zacchaeus story. Like so many of us, my late husband and I spent years climbing up a self-made ladder to success, accumulating as much money and security as we possibly could. I call it a self-made ladder because we made our own rules – all is fair in love, war, and business. Our justification was that we needed to provide and ensure security for our children at all cost. Because of this great deception, I don’t exactly know at what point survival turned to greed where enough just couldn’t be measured. We started Brights with R6000 during the 1971 recession. The first 13 years was a roller-coaster ride. There was no time for emotions or comfort. We just did what was needed to be done. Our 4 children were a great asset and comfort to us as they worked side by side with us from a young age. We were living with our hearts on worldly things and God was sitting in the back seat.

A marvellous snowball effect
In 1998, just before my husband went to be with the Lord, God miraculously changed his heart. Little did I know the snowball effect that it would have on my family. Not only did I lose my husband, I lost my encourager and my best friend and I didn’t understand the miraculous changed life. Two years later – after an encounter with cancer – the Lord just took that ladder that I had built, which was standing against the wrong wall, and put it up against His wall – the right wall. A revolution started in my thinking as the Holy Spirit gently and lovingly convicted me of all the wrong practices I had to rectify. How marvellous is God’s love, mercy, and grace that endure forever? 

All for God’s purpose
After 46 years in business, I have learnt that everything that I have experienced – the good, the bad, and the ugly, is for His purpose. God is the dream-giver and His purposes are accomplished through those who are available. We are called to be good stewards of all the blessings that He has entrusted to us. As business owners, we have influence and opportunity to develop people around us. Our focus is to develop our staff so that they can reach their full potential. The life skills taught to them will snowball to their families and friends. We hope to create possibilities for our customers, who own businesses, by assisting them with free coaching, empowering them to overcome the difficult times.

Called to be salt and light
We are responsible not only for the next generation, but also the communities around us. Small and medium businesses employ many people, and our influence can help them to build strong foundations in their families and businesses so that when the winds of trials, tribulation, and opposition come, they will stand and make a difference. I believe that we are called to be light and salt, in a world that needs to know and experience the reality of God.

JOY! Magazine (November 2017)

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