Corruption Runs Deeper Than We Think

– by Tendai Chitsike

Shortly before Christmas, I had an eye-opening conversation in one of my happier places to visit as far as shopping goes: a bookshop. After having scanned popular titles in the various sections of ‘religion,’ ‘biography’, ’best sellers’, and more, I was intrigued by a rather unusual collection of books grouped together, behind the till. The group contained Bibles, titles by popular Christian authors, and journalist Jacques Pauw’s best seller, The President’s Keepers. I couldn’t help but imagine what this collection of books had in common, and why they were separated from other sections that they ‘should’ have fitted into (no, I didn’t study library science).  

So I plucked up the courage to ask this seemingly random question. I was taken aback by the reply. Politely, the shop assistant satisfied my curiosity, saying: “Oh, these are the books that get stolen very often, and Jacques Pauw’s book was the book stolen more than any other this year.” How ironic and telling that a book exposing corruption is that which is most frequently stolen, followed closely behind by the Bible and Christian books.
What does this reveal about us? Corruption does not suddenly emerge at the highest levels of power. It lies within the very fabric of the human heart, until God’s intervention, our repentance and discipleship come into play. The President is therefore not an alien dropped from outer space, he is much more a reflection of the prevailing culture. This should awaken us to the reality of our situation. Merely removing an individual from political office will not solve our predicament; we need something a lot more effective than that. We need a reformation of the heart that radically shapes the culture, beginning with us as the church. May God transform us to truly become the salt of the earth.

JOY! Magazine (April 2018)

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