Conquering A Crisis

– by Bishop Tshalo Katshunga

I have observed that even seemingly insurmountable crises can turn around. When facing difficult and preoccupying situations, one needs to do the following in order to come out on top:

• Learn to look at a crisis from God’s perspective
From God’s perspective, a crisis is nothing more than an opportunity in disguise to learn, adjust, change, improve, grow, and even refocus on what is essential. Therefore, decide to always follow this cardinal rule: “Never react to a crisis, always respond to it.” When faced with a crisis, do not react based on emotions, but respond having thought things through.

• Refuse to lose sight of what is really at stake
The snare of a crisis is that it often reduces your ability to view the crisis as an opportunity. Don’t let the enemy create the feeling of inferiority when the reality is that the crisis is not insurmountable.  

• Be brave to tackle issues based on core convictions
Without personal deep-seated core convictions about who God is to you, difficult situations have the potential to make you lose your footing. Build your life around unshakable convictions. Here are my five core convictions: God is my God. My God loves me. My God will never forsake me. My God has not changed. My God is bigger than all. What are your convictions?

• Carefully select who you want to partner with
You will always have the following people around you when faced with a crisis: the fearful, the sell-outs, the hide-outs, and the reliable. During those difficult times, surround yourself with faith-filled individuals who can encourage you with the “you can” language.

• Develop a confident approach
Remember that even if you might have a big challenge, your God is even bigger. Be strategic and decisive. Do whatever is in your power to do, so that God can do what you cannot do. Decide to step confidently into the unknown with an all-knowing God.

May these keys help you conquer any crisis that you will encounter here on earth.

JOY! Magazine (May 2018)

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