Hi there, I’m Claudia Burger, a normal, every-day housewife from South Africa who believes that God is real and the Word is true.

My desire is to inspire you with the real-life stories of how my faith in Jesus has led me through some of the most exciting and dangerous adventures imaginable.

From the moment I accepted the Lord Jesus into my heart as my Saviour in 1971 at age 28 years, I started on my journey.

What you will read on this website is but a tiny glimpse of the working of an Almighty God in the life of a very broken person.

I believed from the moment I got saved, that God had a very special plan for my life. I had found Someone who loved me totally and above all, believed in me.

Out of this total love relationship flowed the desire that others would come to know Him too.

As I went from crisis to crisis, lesson to lesson, death to life, I moved forward one tottering step at a time, sometimes taking breathless leaps, and always He was there to catch me.

Claudia has recently done a missionary trip to Namibia. Check out this video featured on GOD TV and read about her daily experiences below.

“Claudia Burger reminds us that we can all make a difference in the lives of others if we are willing. As she traveled through Namibia she ministered to people and witnessed miracles. God will direct your steps.” – Angus Buchan

Visit her blog for more: claudiaburger.co.za

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