16 – 24 June 2018

Included in our tour price:

  • 4 & 5 Star Accommodation
  • All Breakfasts and Dinners
  • Flights from Cape Town
  • Travel Insurance & tipping money
  • Worship onboard a boat in Galilee
  • Prayer & healing service in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • Prayer at the Wailing Wall
  • See Jesus’ stable in Bethlehem
  • Trip to Nazareth Village (a recreation of a Biblical village)
  • Communion Service at the Garden Tomb
  • Shopping in the Old City
  • Float in the Dead Sea;
  • Baptism in the Jordan River
  • Shopping in the Old City
  • Special Sound and Light show
  • Beautiful free gifts including a JOY! Magazine subscription!


Time is certainly running out to visit the Middle East, so we encourage you to start saving now and book your place!

Why Take A JOY! Tour?

  • We take luxury trips, you stay in top accommodation (always check the level of hotels with another “cheaper” trip).
  • We use modern airlines and buses (the cheaper ones use older airlines and older buses).
  • We include places that other tours do not (these “extra special” additions make your trip so much better and amount to R3000 more FREE value).
  • We include all “hidden costs” (tipping, 2 meals a day, etc. Always check this with other tours, as some leave tipping out and you have to add an extra R2000 to the price).
  • We price our tours on the highest prevailing exchange rate so that you (hopefully) will not need to pay in extra. Many tours advertise at a cheaper rate, but will require you to pay in extra at the last minute. Always check the exchange rate they have priced it on.
  • We give you professional, personalised service. Many of our travellers return two or three times on other tours with JOY! Magazine.

Book Now! Call 021 852 4061 or email jackie@joytravel.co.za.
Please note we are taking a limited amount of people. Bookings on a first come first serve basis.

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