14 November 2017
– by Errol Naidoo

The Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill (BELA Bill) is part of a wider government conspiracy to neutralise the authority and influence of parents in the lives of their own children.

The objectives of the BELA Bill is to wrestle control away from parents and School Governing Bodies that determine the quality and values of educational instruction for children

The State wants your children! This is becoming glaringly apparent when one considers the recent High Court ruling that effectively criminalises parents for spanking their own children.

In May this year, atheist and anti-Christian activists, Hans Pietersen initiated a High Court challenge to eradicate all religious observance and activity in the public schooling system. 

The court ruled, no government schools could declare themselves Christian. Significantly however, the court upheld the authority of Governing Bodies to determine the religious ethos of schools.

There is a global agenda – driven by liberal western nations – to declare Christian parents unfit to raise their own children. The State is increasingly undermining the autonomy of the family.

The South African government is an active partner in the global sexual rights agenda. It supports the diabolical objectives of UN agencies like UNESCO and UNFPA to indoctrinate your children with destructive abortion and sexual rights propaganda.

Another reason the BELA Bill is critical for government is that it will pave the way for the smooth roll out of the diabolical “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” in South African schools.

The vast majority of parents in SA will reject the shocking sexual perversion contained in “Comprehensive Sexuality Education.” That’s why parental authority must be abolished.

Parents, supported by the Christian Church must do everything in their power to oppose the BELA Bill. Please sign the Petition against this draconian Amendment Bill today! 

UNESCO and other UN agencies and foreign liberal groups are active in South Africa. Financed by US billionaire, George Soros “Open Society Foundation” these groups are targeting African children from 5 years old with its anti-family and perverse abortion and sexual rights agenda.

However, Bible believing parents must stand in the way of radical sexual rights activists. They cannot indoctrinate your children if you faithfully teach them Biblical morality and values.

The South African government is working hand in glove with UN agencies to drive a wedge between parents and their children so they can indoctrinate them with sexual rights deception.

Please pray against this wicked agenda that targets innocent children. Parents must aggressively oppose State intrusion into parental and family autonomy.  Speak up today!

Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

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