– by  Alyssa Duvall

Greg Osborne doesn’t remember the car crash that left him pinned under his 2003 John Deere tractor, but his friend and the strangers who miraculously saved him certainly do. After working in his field, Greg pulled onto the road in his tractor, with his lifelong friend Ricky Hix riding beside him. It was then that a teenage driver sped down the road and slammed into the tractor, ripping it in half and throwing Greg under the front bucket. “I ain’t no weakling, but I ain’t no Superman,” Ricky said of his unsuccessful efforts to move Greg from under the machine. “But I was doing my praying too. But the first thing, I tried right off the bat to move it. And I couldn’t.” 

That’s when James Lowe and his wife Melissa, on their way home after running errands, saw smoke from the accident and pulled over. Melissa called 911 while James went to try and help Ricky. “I tried to lift the bucket up first and I couldn’t lift it up,” James said. “I felt it was heavy. And I went to the side of the tractor three different times trying to lift it.”

News of Osborne’s accident traveled fast, and soon several neighbors scrambled to go get their tractors so they could try to lift the John Deere up. First responders were en route to the scene, but James recalls feeling they’d be too late to save Greg’s life: “He (Greg) started making a real bad sound.” “It was a gurgle of death,” said Ricky. “It’s the sound you hear when someone is dying.”

“I wasn’t going to quit,” James said of the incident. “I knew he was trying to live. So I wasn’t going to quit. I got down there with him and I said, ‘God is with you.’ And he didn’t make no sound.” Desperately, James gave one last push to lift the bucket. “About the fifth time I pushed and I felt it move and I hollered to [Ricky] ‘drag him!’ And he grabbed him by the legs and dragged him out from under there,” James said.

James offered only one simple explanation of his ability to free Osborne: “”It’s God.” He continued, “I got down there and was praying with him and when I got back up, I felt that tractor move. I knew right there that was God. Because if I had done in the first time, second time, third time, fourth time. I would have thought it was me. But that fifth time. I knew that was God. That was the Lord God. I remember feeling that weight. And I knew I couldn’t lift it. That was the Lord God.” 

Amidst the panic at the scene, James describes how he felt the presence of God throughout the ordeal: “I’ve been thinking about it ever since it happened. In all that chaos, there was peace. The Lord God was with us.”

Greg suffered a serious concussion from the impact and continues to battle headaches and dizziness. However, he’s making good progress and is simply happy to be alive: “I’m just very thankful. It’s a miracle. I appreciate it.”

Article source: hellochristian.com

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