18 May 2017
– by Errol Naidoo

There appears to be a well-orchestrated and insidious targeted assault on South African children by well-financed local and foreign-based “sexual rights” radicals.

“Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) is the primary tool used to indoctrinate young children and teens with bizarre “sexual rights” and gender-neutral ideology

“Comprehensive Sexuality Education” is not traditional sex education. It bypasses the values and authority of parents and teaches young children to experiment with high risk sexual practices and attempts to change the sexual and gender norms of South African society.

Liberal nations like Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands continue to pressure South Africa at the UN to implement its radical “sexual rights” and abortion agenda countrywide.

The former Obama adminstration championed “sexual rights” in the US with devastating consequences for teens and young adults. A new CDC report exposes the results.

Tragically, despite the alarming trend of “sexual rights” radicals targeting young children through the education system – the response of the Christian Church has been lukewarm.

FPI created a Petition to stop the indoctrination of children in South African schools. Despite the dangers of this diabolical agenda only 2400 citizens bothered to read and sign it. 

In addition to the targeted indoctrination of children, a Netflix TV series called “13 Reasons Why” that romanticises teen suicide has become popular among SA youth.

The media are also reporting on a Russian originated online “game” called “Blue Whale” that encourages teens to commit suicide on the 50th day of the game.

The enemy has clearly launched an all-out attack on the future generations of South Africa.

Parents and Churches must firstly recognise this threat, combine forces and formulate a response to defeat this diabolical agenda. There is too much at stake to ignore this attack.

Please write to the Minister of Communications, Ms Ayanda Dlodlo at nene@doc.gov.za and respectfully request she investigate and stop this threat against children.

You can also copy the CEO of the Film & Publication Board, Mr Themba Wakashe at themba.wakashe@fpb.gov.za

FPI and CESESA will host the “International End Sexual Exploitation Summit” in August to address these issues. Global experts on CSE, the dangers of decriminalised prostitution and the harms of pornography will present critical research to accurately inform government and civil society. 

The Christian Church must lead in this battle. We must not surrender our children to the forces of darkness. The nations future health & welfare depends on our prayers and actions today.

While you read this a JHB High Court challenge is underway to abolish all Christian observance from public schools. It appears, the enemy wants unhindered access to your children

Parents and the Church must join forces urgently to stop the unacceptable indoctrination of children by “sexual rights” radicals through “Comprehensive Sexuality Education.”

“Sexual rights” activists at the UN are manipulating international instruments to impose their radical agenda on young children in SA and Africa. You and I must fight to protect their innocence!

Please don’t wait until it’s too late. There is an insidious war being waged against our children. Their future well-being is at stake. Please act now for the future of South Africa.

Errol Naidoo

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