18 June 2017
– by The Gospel Truth Newspaper

The Lord is at work in Japan, which has a majority population of Shinto and Buddhist people. Christians who form only 1% of the population have been a driving force in the development of the country. 

Japan has had eight Christian Prime Ministers – Hara Takashi, Shigeru Yoshida, Taro Aso, Takahashi Korekiyo, Tetsu Katayama, Ichiro Hatoyama, Masayoshi Ohira and Yukio Hatoyama. In recent times, evangelistic efforts in the country have borne fruit – several people have built a personal relationship with Jesus, and have been baptized in the name of the Lord. 

‘Apostolics of Japan’ on facebook post regular updates of people who come to the Lord. “Our purpose is to create a forum to promote Apostolic Ministry in Japan and to effectively communicate what the Lord is doing throughout the islands of Japan,” their description reads.

Article source: www.thegospeltruthnewspaper.com

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